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  1. Today I got a new router. A D-link to be precise. And when i instaled the software for it, A few minutes later it began to royaly screw my computer up. Eventualy it reached a point where about 5-30 seconds after the windows login screen would appere i would get this nasty blue screen with some sort of memory error on it. after fighting with my computer for a few hours I decided to reinstal windows. Ive reinstaled it before, and nothing went weird as I went through it. after it was all done, I did not get anything pooping up asking me for a serial code or anything and i was upset to discover that my video, sound and networking drivers were uninstaled. So now that everything was fine and dandy I decided time to go get my pictures and videos and programs and all that other crap I had on my old computer's life. so I checked in the program files, everything was there, I then went to drag all the crap out of my documents and settings into my new account, just like what i did last time i reinstaled windows. Only this time I windows said to me " Fuck you" and said that accses was denied. Now at this point I am unhappy, seeing that I just lost around 2 years of acumalated work and stuff. So the moale to this story is, dont install d-link software. And my question is, How can I hack into windows to get my stuff back? Sorry for my bad spelling and stuff, I havent reinstalled Firefox yet, becuse its in my other file, and my spellchecker thingy doesnt seem to be working right.
  2. dude, I love your new sig, I can just watch it over, and over agian.

  3. try googling each and every one of those ports. #1 rule for . Google is GOD.
  4. dude, you started off good, wtf is your problem?

  5. I think we should be the ones saying thank you for doing this.
  6. I got the wireless dongle for my 360, and i hate it. because those little wireless dongles require drivers to work, and so therefore only the Microsoft Xbox 360 dongle works. I know your going to ask this question, so ill just answer it now, no, you can not install (or softmod) your system to put linux on it so you can use your wireless thingy with it.
  7. Its alot better for the xbox 360.
  8. horrays! that goes in the qwoutes!
  9. thank you space out, I love you (but not in a strom way) I will most likely be sending you my router now.
  10. I tried all the safe mode, system restore stuff. It would just constantly give me blue screen. I searched system escalation on google and couldnt find anything of any use. so Would you kindly give me a bit more information on the subject so I could find out how to do this? on a side note, whats the linux equivalent to a blue screen?
  11. I know you can configure it through the browser, i was having truble with that so i installed it. Also, my user does have Admin. on a side note when i was downloading the windows updates... you just got to love microsoft technology. I just overwrote the old windows files when I was installing it. Thats how I kept everything.
  12. Irc

    I use xchat and im on windows....
  13. I thought we had a links section on this forum...
  14. Wow, who would be stupid enough to publish that kind of stuff to the world, oh thats right, him. But I think that he deserves a Epic Fail. But I must say, what does this have to do with general hacking? shouldn't this be in the links section?
  15. I have this crappy old laptop thats like 9 years old so I decided to install linux on it. I talked to some people on the Irc and tried to install kubuntu. I burned the Iso to the disk and put it in my laptop then booted it to the cd. then the nice little menu came up and when I select anything on the menu a message pops up saying. "I/o" "Error Reading Boot CD" with a little box that says "Reboot" at that point I am forced to reboot. so after trying a few times I made a new disk and got the same results. So I then made a disk of just ubuntu and still get the same results. The laptop uses a old AMD k9-III CPU and has 248 mb of ram. and still runs windows 98. I don't think its a 64x cpu so I've been using the i386 distributions. Im running out of disks so i cant do any more trial and error testing.
  16. you stole my idea.
  17. I cant find a Ubuntu download that gets a correct md5sum. I have downloaded Ubuntu like 5 times from 5 different mirrors and each time I check the hash, its wrong. If anybody knows of a mirror that they have downloaded it from recently and they get a correct md5sum hash, please let me know.
  18. ok, first I download the Iso, I then use CDburnerXP to burn the file as a ISO. after that I go stick the disk in my laptop then boot it to the disk, i see the Ubuntu install screen come up, but if i try to select any of the options i get a message saying that it cannot read the boot disk.
  19. I tried that download, and it didn't work. I still get the I/O error message that say it cant read the boot disk. So I don't think the problem is with the disk, but the CD drive itself. I'm trying to install it on a old HP Pavilion Notebook N3310. Its like 9 years old. Looking around on the Ubuntu forums most people fixed this problem with a driver update on their CD reader. so im going to try that.
  20. well, when I compare the md5sum hash with the ones on the site. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes. its different. ill try the link you geave me and see if it works.
  21. Dude, when I read that right there it made me laugh to tears, of all the defenitions of hacking I have heard, that one is the best.
  22. You stole the words right out of my mouth.
  23. Link And we know that links go down... Apple and Think Secret publisher Nicholas M. Ciarelli, who the computer maker sued in 2005 for disclosing trade secrets, have reached an agreement that calls for the closing of the popular Mac enthusiast Web site. According to a press release posted Thursday on the site, the confidential settlement was a "positive solution for both sides." No sources of the information that sparked the lawsuit were revealed, the release said. Apple sued Ciarelli, who was 19 years old at the time and a Harvard undergraduate, after he revealed details about the Mac Mini computer and other Apple products before they were announced at MacWorld in January 2005. The suit, which also named Ciarelli's company dePlume Organization, was filed in Santa Clara County, Calif., Superior Court shortly after Apple unveiled the products at the conference. On Thursday, Ciarelli said in a statement that he was glad to have the legal wrangling behind him. "I'm pleased to have reached this amicable settlement, and will now be able to move forward with my college studies and broader journalistic pursuits." Apple accused Ciarelli, who was also an editor at the Harvard Crimson, of "inducing" company employees to break their confidentiality agreements with the company by disclosing trade secrets. The complaint argued that Ciarelli obtained the information illegally by posting a request for people with inside information to contact the site. Ciarelli, who launched Think Secret when he was 13 years old as an avid fan of Apple products, claimed to have used the same newsgathering practices of other journalists, and therefore was entitled to the same protections. "I talk to sources of information, investigate tips, follow up on leads, and corroborate details. I believe these practices are reflected in Think Secret's track record," he told the Crimson in January 2005. Ciarelli's attorneys had argued that the information was legally obtained, and Ciarelli was protected by the right to free speech under the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court has ruled that journalists can't be prohibited from publishing information that's lawfully obtained. In his court filings, Ciarelli claimed that Think Secret received an average of 2.5 million page views a month. After the lawsuit was filed, the number of page views jumped to 5 million, according to the filings. More reasons not to like apple.
  24. Is this what your talking about? http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35162 like is that the same program?
  25. I say that it sounds to corny to let live and therfore must be nuked with thermite :blowfuse: