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  1. This is old but I think I'll lend my knowledge.... In case you didn't know, "Jon Felosi" isn't or was never a g00n. As far as I know, he's a supplier for hosting/domain names...maybe a friend of z3r0. For all you know, he could be made up. As for your websites that got hacked, ignore it. If it happens, restore it like nothing happened. After all, they say your anger fuels their fun. Making threats of visiting someone's address isn't rational thinking. Don't give them what they want. They suck at life in the first place. At the time there site was down like you mentioned above, they were getting hit by several DDOS attacks by people who don't have enough pride to just ignore it what the little shits do. They're script kiddies. All of them. Even z3r0. I sent a message on AIM to "g00n zodiac" and he used seven's subterfuge program on me to get my IP. He thought I lived in Colorado. That is the big bad g00ns for you.