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  1. Hi I just installed ubuntu 8 as a second OS in my comp with xp sp2. But now when I am using internet in ubuntu, the LAN lights blinks for 5 minutes and then stop blinking completely. Same with xp. I have another computer with vista. Both these computers are connected to a hub with star topology, and I am using BSNL ZTE modem, which is also, obviously connected to the hub. Internet working fine in the other computer, the problem is only with the dual boot PC, although I suspect it has anything to with the problem. (And the problem has nothing to do with ubuntu either because I have this same OS installed on my laptop and its working fine.) So how do I get the lan working. Thanks.
  2. shakuni?

    nice username :D

  3. What info can be obtained just from IP
  4. Ya, that's right. I'll see what I can do and then I will post the updates here. Thanks for help, Sir.
  5. Actually when I was testing the db it gave pretty good results. Still if you think that my db is "utter garbage or so horribly out of date, it's completely useless." then please suggest some latest and useful db, please... Thanks a lot.
  6. Thanks everybody for comments. The errors may be due to the wrong info in the db that I am using. @ohm Thanks for the great links. And it is working fine. So please try it again and give me your valuable opinion.
  7. Hi everybody Yesterday I created this application for a friend, which gets geolocation in google maps via IP address. Its here, Although it is very trivial, still Check it out. Read more about it here,
  8. this is actually funny...
  9. Hmmm, I didn't expected a lot but its actually a good work. That post related to unlimited everything was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  10. Just what the title says? How to get info about a person through his phone number? And please don't answer that I should call him to ask myself. I need this info because of a bet with my friend although I feel that this info will be really interesting.
  11. Is there any search engine that provide case sensitive searching. I am sure that google searches are not case sensitive.
  12. Is there any forum software that has built-in support for mathematical symbols or any script that does it for existing forums ? I have looked on web but found nothing. Please post if you know any script or forum of this kind. Thanks.
  13. I know that the physical location of a computer can be easily determined if we know its IP address. What I want to get the is IPs from geographical information alone. for instance, I want to know how can I determine what IP addresses are assigned to the computers in my city. How can I do it?
  14. Here is where I can intercept it and dump it and read it...