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  1. use the scroll touch pad on the actual laptop uh i can attach a pic of it, but if i use the web browser scroll bar at the side by clicking the mouse it works fine.
  2. Ok i have an HP Pavilion tx 2000 running vista 64 bit and i just got google chrome which is significantly faster but when i use the scroll on my laptop it only goes down and wont go back up....error on chrome or driver problem?
  3. thanks i have been using the new forum and thanks for the program i am using the PIM backup and it works great. Appreciate the help.
  4. well sorry my bad...not cracks bypasses and thanks for the heads up i will try to get a different file then.
  5. Ok i have a video file i downloaded and it is 700 mb but only 13 sec of play time. It plays that i have to buy this domplayer to view the file. i have downloaded all the cracks and what nots for it but have no solution. Anyone help me.
  6. NCE

    i did is it possible to make it an exe through notepad to make it work i tried and some coding conflicts occurred
  7. sorry about the lack of proper grammer but i really have no idea i am too cheap to download a ringtone my friend asked me about it and i had no idea. All i know is the song has some type of protection on it. he has a blackjack and some of the images he is able to beam but none of the music. i was mentioning ventones because i didn't want anyone to suggest it and waste their time.
  8. Ok so you download the myxertones off the site for free but there is no way to transfer them. They have some kind of lock on them. anyone know of a way to get that lock off there. and no ventones was not the site that i was looking for, did not have a large enough selection.
  9. Do you know any good programs. I have been using active sync and when i connect it erases the contacts and the phone is not compatible with the get it now back up assistant. Thanks though
  10. NCE

    ok now how do i run such a file
  11. I have been told that there is a number you can call and get your contact list backed up for your phone automatically and it is free. Any one know of such a thing.
  12. NCE

    What is file extension NCE and does anyone have a reader or tell me how to use it.
  13. ok so i got far enough to find out that acrobat 8.0 pro has this text field recognizer but none of the scans are dark enough to pick up on it any help on the scanning and thanks Demonic_Angel the image2PDF OCR worked to get it readable. Still don't got it all though and the upload site didnt' do it
  14. Is there any program or way to scan a document convert it to adobe pdf file and not have to manually set text boxes and fields
  15. no it runs windows mobile and i assume that it is a burried sam file but i really have no idea so don't get me lying. the only thing that i can tell you is it is windows based so more than likely a sam file on it.