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  1. Check your local business / tax laws. In Iowa you can run a business on the side and as long as it does not exceed $3000 per year you do not have to claim it on your taxes or get a business license. As for the legal aspects you can really do anything you want to but when dealing with data it is always possible that there will be data loss. You will need them to sign a document stating that they understand the risks and so on. What I did was go to BestBuy, CompUSA, and a small shop and tell them that I was thinking about having them do a data transfer and other work for a business PC but I would have to see the document that I would have to sign so I can run it by my attorneys. I take these and see the common language and made my own. By doing it this way you have no out of pocket costs and are moderately protected. You can browse your local code usually online for fee to check the tax implications. Also most places have small business centers that will advise you for free.
  2. I believe that it is a link-local IPv6 address. Typically on newer distros IPv6 is installed / enabled now by default so it will list it. You can disable IPv6 or don't worry about it. Only issues I know of: Whatever layer 2 network you are on will receive more broadcast traffic from that machine since it will be sending out IPv6 broadcasts. Also if there is a router on the network that is configured with IPv6 it can auto configure any machine that is searching for an IPv6 address. This is usually not an issue since the router will likely hand out the gateway and site-local information that you want anyway. I am guessing that you are doing this at home and that won't be an issue.
  3. .. and you continue on. Whatever dude. I'm done with you.
  4. I did. I pulled the paragraph from which I posted in this thread. Now if I was responding to a post about GNU and I pasted this from their own webiste I would think that a rational person would understand what I though GNU to be. But, hey I guess not. I understood his use of foundation to be different. Now that I reread it I may have been wrong but it can be understood both ways. Your most current post that I am now responding to has this sentiment. However, someone simply making comments about how you are wrong and offering no discussion in turn is not a discussion it is a snipe. Is not a discussion. Is not a discussion.Yes it depends on which libraries I am talking about. A discussion would have been: Depends on which libraries you're talking about if you are talking about libraries for .NET that would be incorrect. In addition not all Linux/Unix libraries are written in C so I can see where you are going but to be fair that is only partially right. That would have been a discussion or a reply that would invite a good discussion. That is like you stating that Slackware is the best distro because (insert random reason here)..... and I fire back with -- That depends on if you like thermite with your corn flakes? Yes I know it makes little sense but I hope that I have made my point whether you agree or not. Now I have gone back and forth on this when all I wanted to do was impress on someone asking why to learn C that if you were in the *nix world and interested in hacking as you must be to be on a hacking forum posting in a general hacking thread that learning C has benefits outside of just writing programs that run in C. It offers you a surgeons view of *nix which will only make you a better hacker and more valuable in the job market for having that skill. Now I am done. I have devoted 2 hours to this when I really only wanted to spend 15 minutes. Thanks, I'm going to go and take an axe to my forehead.
  5. Not clear, I said "GNU is written in C." What is not clear about that? Foundation is his word I was just reusing it. Look at his post. Senior agent or no. You should have seen that I quoted his use of the word and then bolded it in my post. If you are going to enter the conversation and come back on me then try to pay attention to the conversation. I have been a member of this board since 2004 and I rarely post and this is why. I try to offer some insight and then have people picking apart what you are saying trying to be right, trying to be the top dog, trying to make others look like ass. I am not referring directly to rainwater, just in general it is frustrating. Taking time to read posts and then make replies to help others takes my time takes others their time. All too ofter people surf forums to get answers and never give anything back. I see it at my job all the time, I have one other guy I work with that takes time to post on the forums and help others out of the 20 people that I work with. They use the internet to get their work done, to do their assignments on the backs of others who have taken their time to put the information out there for the betterment of us all. Anyway, not trying to be an complete dick but damn read the entries first people. If I make a comment like use GCC or whatever I would assume that if the person does not know what I am talking about then the can follow the tried and true 1 - 2 - 3 process to find out. 1. go to google 2. type in gcc 3. hit enter. In closing: I want to apologize to Demonic_angel for this bullshit messing up his thread. I was only tyring to answer your question in the best way that I could and was drawn into trying to make myself understood and not misunderstood. I hope that you get the answers that you need.
  6. GNU is not a program, it's a software foundation... Depends on which libraries you're talking about. Not knowing you very well WhatChout but seeing your interactions with Deltar, I will phrase this delicately. Where did I say that GNU is a program????? I never used the word program. From - on the main page 1st paragraph. What is GNU? The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete Unix-like operating system which is free software: the GNU system. GNU's kernel wasn't finished, so GNU is used with the kernel Linux. The combination of GNU and Linux is the GNU/Linux operating system, now used by millions. (Sometimes this combination is incorrectly called Linux.) There are many variants or "distributions" of GNU/Linux. We recommend the GNU/Linux distributions that are 100% free software; in other words, entirely freedom-respecting. The name "GNU" is a recursive acronym for "GNU's Not Unix"; it is pronounced g-noo, as one syllable with no vowel sound between the g and the n. --- and wow if the Linux kernel is written mostly in C - and considering that OS's like Debian are actually considered GNU/Debian Linux and Debian is written almost entirely in C including the kernel that would have to mean the GNU being the foundation would be written mostly in C. From the GNU wikipedia page - The GNU Compiler Collection (usually shortened to GCC) is a set of compilers produced for various programming languages by the GNU Project. GCC is a key component of the GNU toolchain. As well as being the official compiler of the GNU system, GCC has been adopted as the standard compiler by most other modern Unix-like computer operating systems, including Linux, the BSD family and Mac OS X.Nearly all of GCC is written in C with the exception of the Ada frontend. ---and since I am speaking about Unix/Linux - I would be talking about Unix/Linux libraries of which many if not most are written in some form of C. But, yes it would depend on what libraries I am talking about. I am not trying to be an ass but either you are not reading the posts fully or you are post whoring. Most of the people on this thread are trying to answer a guys question & help and you want to nit pick another persons answer. I would say that is fine if I was wrong or off. But, saying that I said something that I did not and correcting it is stupid and annoying. I always welcome criticisms or corrections it makes me better - makes us all better, but in the future if you are going to correct me don't mis-quote or mis-state me and then correct an illusion.
  7. I am not sure that this question has actually been answered completely. A few people in this post have answered in their own way. I will give the the answer I received from a man that could do practically anything he wanted with Linux and Unix. He was a person who moved beyond downloading and using the tools that were out there. Not saying that it is a bad thing just that once you reach a certain level you start to make your own programs and to rewrite the ones that you do find (if they need it.) I may be a bit off here but I believe that this is generally correct: Linux itself is written in C and Assembly. UNIX is entirely written in C GNU is written mostly in C. Libraries are written in C and C++ If you know how to program the languages that the OS is written in you could do pretty much anything. If this was already mentioned and I missed it I apologize. This link is from the Linux Information Project - LINFO - and it talks about C, including that most of the Linux kernel is written in C. Thanks
  8. I have been part of some embedded development in the past and when then tried using the USB to serial adapters they ran into issues with the machine recognizing anything attached to the serial port. In addition when they started using customized dev applications and it did work they were getting weird results compared to laptops that had the serial port by default. They ended up having to splurge a bit on a PCMCIA serial port adapter card. Since it attaches to a cardbus slot it recognized pretty much like a serial port plugged into the system board. Quatech RS-232 asynchronous serial PCMCIA cards They also do express card Serial port cards which is going to be important in the future especially since it sounds like you may need a hefty laptop for your code compiling and running VM's. If you want it to have do all of that chocolaty goodness you will need a lot of RAM and a new dual core model possibly with one of the higher end processors that has processor virtualization extensions. I think that intel calls these VT and AMD calls them something else. Anyhow all of this points to a high end newer laptop that regrettably may not have the serial port.
  9. You did not tell us what OS you are using. Usually when someone says putty and openssh they are telling of a Windows environment but they make them both for linux and windows. Linux- Write a bash script and cron it to mail to an online email address every hour or day or whatever. The bash script runs links which in turn goes to - it then saves the page to a file then mutt emails the entire file or you cat out the line that says "your ip is" and emails that string to you. Or you setup a free online website with access controls and your machine uses ftp to dump it up to your site. Links = linux text based browser Mutt = linux text based email client Windows- Use your VB skills to script the same thing you might even be able to fanagle powershell to do it if you are really industrious possibly batch files. But, use what you know VB can do pratically any admin skill in a Win environment. Instead you might script the machine to browse to it via IE and use a free screen capture utility like Purrint (from Hiren's home page) to grab a still and email or ftp it out. Unix- Basically same as Linux just using different email client and depending on the version you might have to script in sh. Mac- Still can script it like in linux or use applescript. Not sure if you can script Mail or Entourage to email though. BeOS- Your'e screwed but damn I loved that OS. Commodore64-AppleIIgs-AppleIIc- Your forum post accidentally traveled along an infinite curve in the cosmos and rounded back on its self like 20 years into the future so you are not even reading this and at that point this is all irrelevant. Thanks
  10. HAHAHHAAHAHAH I didn't catch that! '98 was a good year though...... I think they had computers back then. (maybe just calculators and electric typewriters)
  11. Jawohl, Herr Kommandant, die Predatoren wirden in Konzentrationcampfen relokieren und im die Kopf geschutzen! (yes I know it's broken German, quit bitching) Seriously though, it's an ancient thread and nobody cares. Also, "To Catch A Predator" is funnier than many comedy shows I've seen. WhatChout - you started this whole thing by stating "nobody cares"! Why should you care or we care for that matter. Let me open the door and usher you into reality. SCENARIO A: Guy gets into (however he does it key logger, guessing, or whatever) a nameless government employees email and spreads the email over the internet. CONCLUSION: I put "gets" in bold because he will be called a hacker and there will be some griping and moaning about hackers etc. Not much in that scenario that will cause hackers / normal people much concern during the average day. SCENARIO B: Guy gets into (however he does it key logger, guessing, or whatever) a nameless 12yr. old girls email - then uses the information to .... I won't go into any detail but you get the picture. Now this guy is probably called a hacker too once the details are revealed and I can guarantee you that this is played up to the media's advantage. This story can span the country in minutes. This is only 1 scenario and one aspect of computing. CONCLUSION: Additional fodder for hardening privacy, hardening hacking laws, attempts to restrict the information, especially if the guy was questioned as to how he accomplished this and responded with "well the information was out there" or "it was so easy I just read how to online" or "I purchased the [insert whatever] online" or "I read how to do it on a hacking website" whatever and if we are really unlucky a congressman or senator decides to run with the hot button issue and tries to make some Let me put this in perspective for you now that you are standing in the doorway. This leads to legislation against computer users and specifically hackers. Anytime hacking is associated with children in a negative connotation we---- the people who go further in the use of computers, the internet, and knowledge stemming from the internet are penalized. Now that you have a foot in the door let me finish leading you inside. Please have a look at some of my artwork hanging on the walls. The SAFE Act was rushed through Congress with only 2 dissenting votes. Why? Because it was to "protect the children." I am not advocating against protecting them. However, doing so starts with the parents and is not solved by legislation. Read these links. They are to techdirt articles and to read them all might take you 3 minutes. Congress Rushes Through Law To Protect The Children... And Make Open WiFi A Huge Liability Will The Courts Finally Find One Of Congress's Attempt To Protect Children Online Constitutional? Judge Says COPA Can't Protect The Children At The Expense Of Free Speech New Senate Bills 'Protect The Children' At Plenty Of Others' Expense Any time a bill or legislation is introduced with the goal of "protecting the children" the chances of it passing go up dramatically. Never mind if it tramples on privacy or the Constitution. So take into consideration this while saying that it does not matter as more and more pedophiles are being associated with the hacker community. Now this is not hackers fault, mind you this is because they find using the information and tools help them commit their crimes. Why don't we step into my time machine. Go back in time to when phone phreaking was taking off. Lets look at one of the people that I can stand back and say "damn that guy was a hacker" and be serious about the term hacking applying to a person who embodies the word. A guy who was hacking before most of us could walk or were born. John Draper - also known as Captain Crunch - from the wikipedia article “I don't do that. I don't do that anymore at all. And if I do it, I do it for one reason and one reason only. I'm learning about a system. The phone company is a System. A computer is a System, do you understand? If I do what I do, it is only to explore a system. Computers, systems, that's my bag. The phone company is nothing but a computer.”—From Secrets of the Little Blue Box by Ron Rosenbaum, Esquire Magazine (October 1971) ----The 1971 Esquire Magazine article which told the world about phone phreaking got Draper in hot water. Draper was arrested on toll fraud charges in 1972 and sentenced to five years' probation. The media and big business publicized and vamped it - now you can go to prison for having the a blue box or whatever box having never used it. Why? Because it was a hot button issue in the '70's and the fallout still exists today and I can tell you that the members of the hacking community still have to deal with the legislation and laws that have been made and introduced because of these "hot button" issues. Now it is the children, terrorism, privacy, etc. Next year it will be more of the same or new issues or old issues with new names. The point is this is a forum and here we can exchange ideas. Yes Deltar revived an old thread and could have been more tactful but your comments and ongoing posts are just plain wrong. Now that you are in through the door and sitting in a chair I am going to take the "stupid bat" to your head. How idiotic do you have to be to make the comment: Seriously though, it's an ancient thread and nobody cares. Also, "To Catch A Predator" is funnier than many comedy shows I've seen. Yeah it is funny and haha but if To Catch a Predator is in 1 city how many kids in the rest of the US are being molested, kidnapped, and so on. How many of those are using hacking techniques to get more information on their potential targets. How many of them are associated with the hacking community. I don't know and I am sure that you don't know. But to say that 40 year old men trying to have sex with 12-15 year old kids is funny while that same thing happening to other kids all over the country. If I had a 12 year old sister and you made that comment to me and we were standing in the same room I might punch you in the face. Fear of whatever... is such a strong motivation it can make practically anything happen. I would wager that there are more parents with kids in the US then there are hackers. So take your stupid comment put it in your pocket and step back out through the door. In long winded conclusion, Deltar I have no answer for your original question but I feel that given the state of the legislative agenda currently hackers and computer power users may see a hit if some of these crappy bills get passed. I don't really see any way to stop people from using freely available techniques and information to do nefarious things. Whether it is thieves, crackers, kidnappers, or child molesters. I think that they will get more sophisticated as time goes on I think that they will use encryption to hide their stuff, I think that they will use darknets to trade their crap, and I think that they will use hacking as a method to obtain and obfuscate their methods. We can not stop it and I also think that it is not a bad topic for discussion and even though it deals with hacking somewhat indirectly I would have posted it in Off-Topic. That's my quantum $.02 - which now adds up to $234 million 654 thousand 978 hundred dollars and 2 cents.
  12. I recently moved back to Iowa from Colorado. I am in Des Moines. I searched all posts referencing "Iowa" - and Bizurke = you said that you are 10 min from Ely - so I mapquested it - looks like Iowa City or there about - You tell me when and where and I will show up - Or if there is a meeting that is havking in general not just 2600 or you want to start one let me know - I'm bored and spend like 4 hours every day learning Linux - switched from XP last week. Anyhow let me know. Tag ur.. it
  13. Cell phone towers use T-1 lines to provide service. On those towers where T-1 is not possible they use microwave relay dishes to serve from another tower with T-1 line access. Microwave is pretty much line of sight or close to it. The damage done by them is not harmful unless you are in or very near the broadcast path. When you look at a cell tower and it has what looks like a garbage lid with a tarp on it (not always differt towers require different designs) you know that it has microwave. If phone where to have microwave on them - besides the fact that the exposure would cook the inside of your head over time, you would always have to be in line with the tower you are communicating with. This link show a microwave relay tower. (not a cell tower with microwave relay, although it has some cell antennas on it) Primary cell towers always, always take the highest spots on the tower unless the microwave requires a greater height to relay the signal. Anyhow a microwave tower, transmitter, station or whatever literally will cook you from the inside out. I put towers up in Boise, Idaho and many times in the foot hills people (drunk) would climb the hills to look over the cities and sit next to the microwave relays not know what they were, they would sit there because it was much warmer - not knowing that they were being "microwaved."
  14. There are blue-tooth networks - blue tooth is equivalent to wirless usb. However, it has a range (depending on the equipment) from 25-100ft. Blue-tooth works eqactly like 802.11 wireless networking. You can access phones, pda's computers, and any other device that has it built in or an adapter. However, when attempting to connect to a cell phone it will pop up a screen asking if you want to add it to your accepted items list. I have absolutely no information on how to hack it. But, where there is an opening there is a way. People (very very few) are networking there computer via bluetooth mostly for the novelty. The neat thing you should look into is accessing the phones and pda's data. They use radio waves - since "microwaves" would kill you. I work for CompUSA and have used every one of these wireless detectors. They are typically crap - I have tested 6 different ones and every one has been intermittent in it capability - I would not waste your money - re-invest it into a better wireless card for the laptop that you may or may not have. Let me know if you figure out anything neat.