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  1. if your not shure on what distro your interested in you can always take the test!
  2. AIM

    thats neet i have a keylogger that my friend wrote that has the same prosse name as aim kind of of topic but just felt like putting that out there
  3. if you guys are intresed a good windows cracker is airsnort if used it a few times and Aircrack both work ok on windows but it still dosnt compare to any thing on linux speed wise!!!
  4. i love synergy i use it on 4 of my computers at the same time and the great thing about is its multi-platformed ! i use it with open suse , backtrack2 and two xp box's
  5. hey im blackdeath i'v been with my computer's 4 six Years and im not a addict! Yes i am !! and i just joined today
  6. yeah i have found backtrack one of my use full distro's cuz it has all my tools in one place =p! and it works great when installed on a flash drive and hard drive too!