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  1. I have a program which offers users the ability to connect to a large amount of socks server. You start up the program then it will wget a huge list.

    184	38.040568	**.**.**.***	HTTP	GET /socks/ipuserv2.php?hid&lic= HTTP/1.0 Continuation or non-HTTP traffic
    183 38.040174 **.**.**.*** TCP hhb-gateway > http [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=65535 Len=0

    What do I look for or is there a certain filter that I should apply?


  2. Okay so I was in a Web class at school and all of a sudden the guy next to me's computer show an uploading bar from Remote Desktop. Then all of a sudden the damn screen goes hay wier and the c drive dissapears but everythings fine.Immediatly when everything was messing up I pulled the ethernet cord. Heres the thing I looked through the event logs and found it was started through Remote Desktop and that he has the schools admin password. I wanna know if theres any way to find the IP address of the person who accessed it usin remote desktop. So if any help is offered i will be much appreciated.

    No flaming or anything but then kids wonder when they get jumped what they did. You can't just leave him alone? The school isn't paying you. Your not any coller by ratting him out. I am just giving you advice because when you get older last year of HS and stuff its going to backfire. But yeah, if you want to ignore it then like the others said theres a NetWork log of RDP connections somewhere on the computer unless its disabled.


  3. There is a .NET version of Visual Basic, which you can use in a multi-language program that uses many .NET language. That came with Visual Studio 2005.

    Versions prior to Visual Studio 2005 will use VB, which most people know, and should look quite the same.

    Also, why would you like to code VB? Is there any reason? Otherwise I would suggest you learn another language than that. Its syntax is quite different from the other languages you would probably use for a job. If you want to go for a .NET language (Microsoft) you should probably go for C#. You could also go for Java which is thought in many schools just like C#. If you do not want to use any of those modern languages that require a virtual machine or a framework, I suggest you first avoid C++ (because of bloat) and go for C right away. Many books that cover more advanced programming subjects will show you C code (UNIX, Socket/Network, Cryptography, etc). Also, many exploits are written in C. If you want to learn C, get "The C language" a.k.a the K&R. That's the classic reference to get started with. Once you're done with learning the basics, just buy another book that specializes more on a specific topic.

    Well I just want to have some brief vb knowledge. So what does VB 6.0 categorize as in that case?


  4. Well I am looking at some tutorials. I see the Visual Basic 6.0 in a cleaner interface. I currently have Visual Basic 2008 Express. I am wondering whats the difference and where can I find it? Also which is better?


  5. the service sucks anyway........its always repeats back words I didnt say....even when I speak ok at home kinda...but the service blows while using my cell

    Nice 2 year bump :D . After I used 1800free411 i got text spam from them for 2 weeks <_<



    I honestly wonder how much money they get from idiots who buy this.

    "24,95$" per idiot..

    No offense to you dude but this is the kind of attitude I dislike. Just because somebody would buy a book like this doesn't mean they are an 'idiot.' Not everyone knows how to gather information on computer insecurity and the people interested are unique in that way because they know/knew how to find/research it. Those very same people; including yourself, also know that some information can be very difficult to find. The general population simply does not care about this shit, they just want it to work when they need to use it thats why they count on people like us. To call some an idiot for not knowing is ignorant imo just as somebody would call you an idiot for not knowing things like investing, or golf or whatever fuckin hobby one may be into.

    I agree with PurpleJesus. Its common sense not just in computers. "If it were that easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it." Most of the people who would buy this are people trying to get someone's myspace or trying to spy on their spouse.


  7. when you go to the dell support page for drivers and downloads you can type in the service tag number for your computer, and it will list all the drivers for your machine. the service tag number is printed on a label on the outside of your case, or you can find it in the root directory of yuor C drive in iirc a text file of .inf file listed as settings or config or comething like that.

    Well if I find out they are designed for me/2k only and don't work for xp then what are my options except for a bios update.


  8. Just use the ME/2k drivers

    if that does not work download them anyway and at least you know the driver you are looking for


    open up the INF file for the drivers you download it will tell you what it is..

    you download the nic drivers and its a 'intel blablal 100' now you just need to goole for XP driver or try

    you can also try to download "10000 drivers" cd its a lame drivers cd for windows that has all kinds of drivers on it :)



  9. the manufacturer's logo is just the splash for the BIOS. you should be able to hit either del, esc, or one of the F keys as soon as you turn it on and the first splash screen comes up to access the BIOS so you can change boot order if needed. i've always used knoppix for live cds.

    +1 for knoppix, always works for me. And yeah, as long as you have some sort of extra drive somewhere, you should be good.

    But to be honest, that message usually only comes up where these is no operating system detected on the drive, meaning that A. your drive is totally wiped or B. the OS is so corrupt that it wont even boot into the start-up splash screen. Although, without knowing your BIOS version and manufacturer, I can't be sure of that. So, as always, correct me if I'm wrong.

    EDIT: And, after doing a maybe 30 second lookup for that "commander" liveCD you mentioned (I wasent very thorough, sorry but I am really busy, got to get this website coded by tomorrow, but I digress) The only thing I found that had any mention of commander was Midnight Commander, which is a text based file manager for Linux and is/was included on some liveCDs, but as far as I know is not a stand-alone CD. Although if you used a liveCD as long ago as you say, it may have been. I haven't looked into the history much. Again, I googled for like half a minute, so there could be more there. Let me know though.


    I found it from a friend. It was called ERD Commander. I am just going to try and backup the files for now.


  10. Is there any way you can give us a more thorough description of the error message?

    Eg. At what point is this message displayed? After passing BIOS and going into your OS or before? What is the exact text in the message?

    If not, I'd just suggest either:

    1. Put in a LiveCD of some kind and transfer all the files to an external drive/location or

    2. Take out the drive, put it in an external case (pretty cheap on ebay) and use another system to save your files

    Thanks for trying but I knew that. Sorry for not being descriptive. I just get a screen saying the manufactures logo and then 2 minutes later it says insert a drive or cd-rom. It has a lot of important info. What LiveCd do you recommend. I remember I used one a while back with the word Commander in it.


  11. My system crashed. I get the error saying Insert CD-Rom or something. Anyone have suggestions on how to recover all the files or what method. Please don't suggestion sending the HD to a company. So if you can post methods would be appreciated.


  12. Could you use a larger font please? I don't think I can quite read that from across the room without my glasses.

    It's a proxy program. Block the proxy ports. Block the proxies that come up. Do a little reverse engineering, grab the proxy list that this program uses and block them all at once. Automate it, set a cron job and run it every day or every hour. If you had a competent IT staff, this wouldn't be a problem. Not that that will do anything anyway, they'll just find a way around it.

    This raises an interesting question though. As a university, should you be blocking sites at all? I realize that some things like Bittorrent and other file sharing programs really eat up the bandwidth and blocking them may be a necessity, but this program doesn't aid access to such services. What other reason would you need a proxy program such as this? Perhaps you're blocking something you shouldn't and the students know that. The university is built on the free exchange of ideas, wouldn't limiting access to these ideas merely be counterproductive?

    So I guess my question to you is this: What is this "trouble" you speak of?

    Doesn't this look like spam to you. Good reply but if hes a "computer it" then he should know this. And again its spam and his first post <_<


  13. What I would do is just use a simple paint program (i.e. MS Paint or GIMP) and create an image of text using the font of my choice. I'd then save it to a JPEG, PNG, or GIF.


    Pretty obvious. Heres an example:


    But I just need one where its in plain text and put whatever I want there.


  14. Well I am just wondering whats the best way to do it. You know the sites that have a picture so it doesn't get indexed.

    Text ---> Picture. Suggestions?

    Edit: And no i don't mean captcha. Just so thats its an image and they have to write it down.