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  1. I am trying to ban as many online proxy's as possible from a site. Anyone have a list of them that I could have? I mean by server wise. So like which will also block So lets say 20 proxy sites are hosted on 1 server or something like that. If anyone can help me look for servers with online proxys(http like vtunnel)
  2. Ya that did thanks
  3. Well I am trying to set it up so that all traffic is secure. If you make your own server you are connected but its not encrypted
  4. He is lying so bad. He said he wants to mess up all the computers then 6 days later he says his boss needs him to fix something. Keep in mind 6 days before he did not graduate. Caught in the act.
  5. Why where you asking how to put a worm on your schools computer after you graduate.
  6. I just got an ORiNOCO GOLD wireless card with an antenna. There is a hole on the top but it has I guess something just to make it look normal. Am I supposed to that thing out? I tried pushing it and maybe it would come out, but didn't work. Then I tried pecking at it but seems to be impossible. Anyone had this experience?(sorry its kind of a dumb question). Edit: I noticed people posted that there is a client for it, is that true?
  7. Got it out thanks Was a little worried but got it
  8. It is but I can not get it out Heres the picture
  9. Funny thing isn't it?
  10. I think he left....w00t!!

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Well I noticed there is no validation need to sign up for an account. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  13. Off-topic. I think he got his answer
  14. I have heard about airPcap but the price seems a little bit to high(iron geek got his free as tester) but can you post some wireless cards that are meant for war driving/sniffing and are compatible with programs like cain & abel that are available.
  15. I ended up going with a oronico gold card
  16. Are these any good: If not please post some more that you suggest
  17. The man with the plan thanks :)

    And hayton if you don't consider yourself a geek leave.

  18. Well for them you can't but it online. The support takes a while and seems a little bit phishy to me in the fact that its all my phone. I was looking to buy one that I could get within a week or so.
  19. Still no replys I heard of monitor mode on is there a certain card you need for that to? I am looking for a wirless card that can sniff and is good for wardriving. Can someone suggest a few please
  20. I know the concept of proxy's and have used them before. I am wondering if there is any way to find out. If you do a trace route the packets are obviously going to go to the host but how can you tell someone is not spying on it,etc. I have seen programs which scan proxy's and can tell if they are dangerous. Yes I know about hamashi thats my next question
  21. So you do both? Or you would just wipe the disk?
  22. I looked at ebay. But what is the suggestion for the best card to get for war driving/packet sniffing?
  23. I don't see the difference of wiping & formatting. Essentially they are the same things?
  24. This isn't recoverable with any program correct? Which is the best and wipes the disks clean 100%(or as much as possible)
  25. Use a program like magicISO and burn it as an image. Put it in the c drive and wala