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  1. Ok. I have 3 different methods of getting around it I just want to see how many I can get. The server in the place runs a proxy which everything goes through and blocks a bunch of sites. In Firefox the proxy info is entered so that it will get access. If you don't put anything then it will not connect. Its is a limited account not Admin.
  2. Anyone know some good binders with no rootkits, backdoors,etc? Please post thanks
  3. Come one I know most people have it please post
  4. I am not that stupid. You can not connect straight to the internet. All data including teachers are filtered to certain restrictions. So I do need to go through the proxy of the school.
  5. No it has a proxy there. Like in that. It has the proxy info in it like 207.xx,etc.
  6. Ya I was reading up on that looks pretty cool
  7. TrueCrypt as in the encryption software? Maybe you encrypted the whole drive including the drivers.
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. exe to password is a program that you can use as trial puts a pw on the .exe
  10. I mean I understand some posts but when I look at this its to funny to be honest. Why do people answer this when the site everyone knows has it all.
  11. You can never be 100% secure. Using vpn's put you at more risk because they are going through another computer or place of some sort which can be intercepted is that I understood.
  12. Just wondering sites like oi**.cd,etc how do they get those? Always interested me
  13. I am first! Nice article
  14. Well a little bit late but Hi I know some people here
  15. I never understood why IBM is so great(is it?) Yes it is professional and its lighter but what makes it a but more expensive then the rest? And why do you prefer it over others?
  16. To make the user bars or the computer? For user bars I found them on a site which had the feature. Laptop wise you should pick something you like really. Getting companys like Dell, alienware, etc straight from them is a risky and wastefull thing to do. Dell includes a lot of useless garbage and had quite a few recalls. Alienware has a large price tag and can not get much for cheap. HP is my pick because of the ease of use and the design. Look at Dell's laptop's which are all becoming standard for them. They are all moved up and to much space in the middle which is pretty annoying... See how much space from the keyboard to mouse and just in general
  17. Thats the newer version I don't really like it very much including 1 reason that the screen isn't very firm btw I noticed you had 4 userbars here you go:
  18. Keep in mind if using backtrack 2 with wireless you do not have wireless drivers installed most likely and have to install them. And you can't burn it to a cd(the drivers) because next time you startup its blank from the start. Try making a 5gb partition and install it if you don't like it then delete it
  19. Use social engineering and try to convince them to unistall aim because of blah blah blah and I guess thats an option on the contrary to sending a worm of some sort.
  20. Thats a good one but it has vista installed on it so if you want to keep it then do so. But I used to use this HP Pavilion dv5000 laptop and loved it. Its a lower version but good design
  21. HP - Pavilion Laptop with AMD Turion™ 64 X2 1GB DDR2 AMD Turion™ 64 X2 mobile technology TL-56* for AMD dual-core technology in a thin-and-light design; 12.1" WXGA+ high-definition widescreen display with BrightView technology 160GB Serial ATA hard drive (5400 rpm) 4 pounds
  22. Happy Birthday!

  23. Which program is the best to format a hard drive before selling it. Whether it be freeware or shareware. And can you explain how you know just interested also
  24. I am playing around with hamachi now. I am trying to use it as a vpn and file sharing from my other desktop. I can't seem to find a good tutorial on setting up a vpn/ssh tunnel. Can someone help out or post some good tutorials?