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  1. Can anyone here suggest some specs for a good laptop & desktop. The laptop no more then $600 and the desktop around $200. Any suggestions? I was thinking about building my own computer but is it really worth the trouble or no?
  2. Edit: Forgot about openVPN.
  3. I have been looking for a mirror to download slackware. I looked at the site and it doesn't offer to d/l the .iso because of bandwith. Torrents act strange on computer. Any suggestions of ftp mirrors?
  4. Well I am making the transition to linux. This is 4gb file. How can I run it? The cd I have now is only 700mb do I need to get a cd that can hold that much I assume?
  5. MD5 on the ISO. I know what md5 is but what do you mean exactly? So give me an example from a mirror which files I would d/l.
  6. I know but which file is it to download the .iso to boot into?
  7. Not to be mean L337 Josh but these threads are from october and I think he got it solved
  8. You might find some video's you find interesting
  9. Agreed everyone will.
  10. I am installing flashchat and get a message saying that some folders do not have "write permissions". I do not understand what is wrong. When I right click the folder in ftp and set permissions for guests(what fixes it)/owner/group be able to: read,write, and execute. I am assuming that shouldn't be because I wouldn't want guests to be playing around with the settings,etc. Update: I got it to install but is there a security issue that guests can get 777 access?
  11. Notice on how that plugin saying your privacy is not guaranteed or something to that extent.
  12. He meant is anyone else at work has binrev blocked. Personally I am a student I don't go on sites where I have to enter a username + password but I will check and report back
  13. You don't even pay for your internet. You are 10 year old kid. So no you don't pay for your internet. Stick to runescape kiddo.

  14. I want to get a .ru extension. Question is where can I get one and can I transfer it to a namecheap account?
  15. Which books or articles do you suggest for someone knew to programming in general to read.
  16. irongeek
  17. Well I got a laptop with Vista. A Gatway T-1616. Windows Vista Home Premium AMD Turion 62 X2 Mobile Technology TL-58 1 GB DDR2 Dual Chanel so point being that I need to install Windows XP onto it. I have a install cd for Windows XP Pro but the problem is that the people from Geek Squad as well as the sales rep said that the drivers will be very hard to find because it is meant for windows vista and everything like the wireless,etc was made for vista. I do not want to install xp and not be able to find the drivers. Any suggestions except of running a virtual machine, etc? Update: I searched gateway's site and found these 2 drivers but I am pretty sure there are more then that...
  18. <<- post edited by droops ->> But seriously if you do it yourself you learn more then you would frm paying $10 for a cd and putting it into your computer.
  19. What do u mean by it?
  20. I think he means there a password set already for it. Probably the person set it up.
  21. Murd0c's page is like a myspace profile but larger. lol

  22. I am trying to connect to someone's hamachi server and they said they have 30gb of space to use. I connected and have all the settings like simple file sharing on. How do I access that drive if you will?
  23. Happy Birthday!

  24. Well just wondering but if a proxy setup from a server to block sites, allow and deny ip's, and only accept a mac address. It is setup a few ways. Including gpedit.msc, firefox proxy,etc. Question is how would you use a proxy to in firefox per say to bypass a site look This is just the simplest that comes to mind. Note that if no proxy is put it will not connect.