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  1. A friend of mine has a laptop. I got the jist of it on how to make it look like xp but need some help. Where can I find xp icons for vista and also how do I make the taskbars not have that see through effect. Merry Christmas!
  2. A) It doesn't work Your asking how to use a program that "hacks" rather then asking how it works or specific questions on how to. Just ignore net tools 5.0. Its break gather up on some books if your interested. Btw funny icon
  3. No it is.
  4. Ohh yeah I remember that now.
  5. There you go. lol
  6. Operator can I ask you why your site has ssl?
  7. Judging from his past posts I think he means blackhat.
  8. Well I just wanted to play around and just test it but to spoof an email you need a mail server to telnet to. Which ones can I use or what should I search to get one that I can use. Also do I need to have port 23 open to do this? Is having port 23 open dangerous? This is just for testing
  9. Like stated for testing purposes only. The question was how do I find a mail server that I can telnet to and spoof an email like so? Or is it any smtp server
  10. Like stated. Having port 25 is a security concern and also where can I find an smtp server to use?
  11. Please read the rules.
  12. Runescape is just wow. I mean I never even thought about making an account on that shit when I was younger. All people who play it are losers. The pathetic part is seeing older men playing it and bragging about it....
  13. Does it have to be cat6? Also how would it recogize or send over it?
  14. Thanks I appreciate it
  15. Vector thanks thats bookmarked. I put the files into the mirc directory. Do I need to run that exe to use ssl or is it injected into mirc?
  16. Wait whats the question?
  17. mirc 6.3
  18. Response: Permission Denied, You do not have the correct irc operator privileges
  19. I'll take a look at it in a few and report back
  20. And remind us why you want to do this
  21. Does that actually work most people told me it doesn't
  22. Yeah, I suggest he write it down on a post it note and stick it on his screen just in case. He could do it in ROT13 The point is not for anyone to get access
  23. What if he forgets his password? Better yet what if it goes off randomly lol
  24. Well I was looking through some folders and some had sensitive data. For example this folder has mirc logs: So 2 questions. 1st: What folders except for that is logs stored of programs? 2nd: What file shredder do you suggest?
  25. any1?