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  1. Is it possible to get the real ip from a proxy thats connecting to a site(more along the lines on how easy is it? Just wondering. Of course without someone sniffing the proxy server. Also when using an ssh tunnel how secure is it in terms of exploitable,etc. Sorry had 2 questions
  2. Is there a 2600 meeting at the citigroup this coming friday(12/07)??
  3. Fixed:
  4. I am trying to install aim for example. I downloaded it and I did the instructions at: I chose to download the ALL OTHER OS one. elease numbers. cd ~/Desktop since its on my desktop. gunzip -c aim-1.5.234-1.i386.tgz | tar xvf - All works fine. But I am guessing me not having permissions to /usr/local/bin/aim is the problem am I supposed to?
  5. Knocks him in mid section and gets his cookie back.

  6. I was using fiesty fawn. I used gaim I didn't like the interface much. Pidgin doesn't come with fiesty it comes with gutsy.
  7. This thread is probably going against most of the rules
  8. That happens everytime to me when I try to sudo apt-get. How do fix that? Also in that case what client do you suggest except for trilian that has atleast aim + msn. Is pidgin a good option or is it also like the aim for linux where it hasn't been worked on for a while.
  9. Is what I get. I have heard of chmod 777 for a server file or something how do I do it for a local file?
  10. It makes a folder on my desktop named usr. I am assuming thats the shortcut to it. "/usr/local/bin/aim" is what I am supposed to run. It says I tried sudo /usr/local/bin/aim and entered my password but command not found. The dir exists but I am assuming because I dont have permissions I cant read or write.
  11. A few quick questions. If I used a program like TrueCrypt to encrypt my whole drive would that mean I have to format it first? Next is Portable PGP Desktop Professional and what is the difference. Also what do you suggest if not listed here? Also I dual boot with linux would it ask for a password before the bios screen asking for what to boot from?
  12. You need a program like magicISO or nero to burn the .iso file as an image. Once your burn the dban file thats an .iso format to the cd and then put it into your computer and reboot and its simple from there.
  13. He means that it will write to the hard drive I believe. Why don't you save the .hd file somewhere like my documents.
  14. Can someone direct me in the right direction into phreaking also would help to make it a sticky with some information for others. Thanks
  15. Pedophiles deserve to be f*c*ing burned and tortured to death. Did you guys here about the new leathal injection method. Listen to this. Now they want it to be in 3 doses. 1st is anastisia so that it will not hurt. 2nd is to knock them out. 3rd kills them. Its funny how the feds go after people who hack(small case), download music, etc rather then after these creeps. Also I would like my money back. I am not paying for this guy to rot in jail.
  16. I had that issue before with Kaspersky and I deleted it instead of quarantine and my computer failed to boot so I had to re-install
  17. Seems like your using a cracked version if you are resorting to manually finding the updates. Its cheap just get the licence if you are using a cracked one. Better support and more features with a valid licence.
  18. Great tool and is only 2mb!
  19. Please explain
  20. I think theres a trial to it. Not sure. Also you could work something out with them or search craigslist for a legit seller.
  21. I love that icon!

  22. HTML is server side. Try PHP. Dreamweaver is a nice tool btw. Can code in lots of different languages and can do it in the visual version where you can post pictures texts and fonts and it would produce a php script for example. Coldfusion,etc.
  23. I installed WHM autopilot fine and all. I set it up but the question is how can I integrate it into a template without using iframe?