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  1. I got the salts. Well I looked on google just seems there is 200 downloads which you got to do one at a tme
  2. What hashs are used on a phpbb3 & vB forum, anyone know? Also can any link me where I can get the hashes from, I am looking now but if someone posted would make it easier.(No Torrents) If there is a FTP link or a rapidshare mirror thats preferred.
  3. With a virtual machine.. If I fishy about a program and wanted to sandbox it and see the outbound connections it makes as well as what the file does what program or script would I go about using? My friend asked this and I wasn't sure. Anyone know?
  4. I am not flaming but...... This has got to be the lamest thread I have seen. You are asking for help with phishing when you have a tool "generating" it.?
  5. I am getting a warning from my firewall Intrusion.Win.MSSQL.worm.Helkern ***.***.1**.*** UDP 1434 I searched a little and found... I am not running a sql server. I guess its just scanning across a large ip range. This just got be thinking and am wondering. I heard zone alarm has a mode called stealth mode which makes you "invisible." How does that work and is there a way to do it without zone alarm. And last question, no one can infiltrate your network without have access from inside of your network. Unless your running a insecure program otherwise what method is possible.
  6. Haahaah. I still love you in a non-gay sense.

  7. I need some very good books for new people to perl and python can someone post free e-books please or atleast just post where I can find it.
  8. I want to use remote desktop. I have seen numerous tools and programs like Log me in. The problem is I want to find one that is the most secure and isn't to laggy. Also is there something to log all ips that connect to it and can't be deleted remotely?
  9. Backtrack came out in 2006............. Kind of old to be honest.
  10. For example some sites that have java like heres a good example: My firewall asks if it to allow or deny packets to the host. If I deny then the video stream wont load and irc wont load. How do I make those packets run through a ip:port? Anyone know? This is for firefox. Edit: Java is going around the proxy. How can I force it. I am not sure if its java but some applet.
  11. Hahah. Nice avatar!

  12. Can someone explain or have a chart of the differences and what each of the following is: Preliminary attack Hybrid dictionary attack Rainbow-tables attack Preliminary attack I mostly get the hybrid and rainbow-tables is what I don't understand. Anyone can help out would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks some more info would be great
  15. I think its a myspace only feature. There is a tool you can use to download myspace music if you don't have the songs and then make some java music player but generally speaking you can't just mimic it.
  16. There are literally thousands upon thousands. I think even youtube has some
  17. Server Spy indicates what brand of HTTP server (e.g. Apache, IIS, etc.) runs on the visited sites. When a tab is selected, the corresponding server name is shown on the right-hand side of the browser's status bar.
  18. They still have updates for it? Otherwise if someone makes an exploit well your in a bad spot.
  19. I agree. Just glad to help the site out.
  20. I am looking on improving my firewall or rules. I heard zonealarm is the only firewall to monitor inbound and outbound. I use kaspersky/avg but I want to have a firewall that I can approve all outbound connections. So for example if a .exe I recieved is backdoored I could block it from connecting to the host or find the host out. Any suggestions?
  21. Well like stated. I don't like zonealarm pro to much because of privacy issues but. Like can you please verify that status. I have seen Comodo before and it was good but is it fine to the extent lets say a small .exe program I download trys to make an outbound connection I can accept or deny it for example?
  22. What exactly did they base it on? Running bittorent? Or was it just they can sniff everything?