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  1. Pretty obvious. Heres an example: But I just need one where its in plain text and put whatever I want there.
  2. Messaged you but guess your afk. Thats my ID. Begins with an i.

  3. I downloaded the 2600 - The Last HOPE (2008) - The Art of Social Engineering.mp4 earlier but is there anymore video. It would be great if someone can upload some new videos or link me.
  4. Text Encryption Question What program or service should I use to encrypt .txt files with sensitive data so that only I can view it unencrypted with the password. It needs to be good encryption because the text is very valuable. So needs to be A+ grade. File Shredder For windows what is the best way to shred a file. Or suggestions of a program to do shreds like DOD 7pass delete or enough so that its not able to be recovered for as long as possible Suggestions?
  5. PGP desktop also includes PGP Shredder PGP isn't free and messed up some configurations in my comp. Any other programs or ways to do it?
  6. Well still doesn't answer my question. For text encryption on a site that someone can copy the text and decrypt it with a key. And my formatting question is still out there
  7. Well what would I use to write random data over? Also truecrypt is good but I am wondering if there is an on the fly decryption. So I could decrypt because it is encrypted with a decryption key. Any idea?
  8. I don't see a link idiot.
  9. Well I don't want to format the hard drive. Just shred a file. @PGP: Isn't pgp mean't for encrypting emails/messages? Well do you have something in specific to recommend preferably free or cheap.
  10. Virtual Drives
  11. They are all cheap. Bluehost/hostgator are good hosts. I used hostgator and everything was fine. Bluehost I heard good reviews from.
  12. ipconfig /all - Internal - External
  13. google: port forwarding google: putty cmd: putty -D 1080 -P 80 -ssh hope that helped.
  14. I am looking to transfer a .ru domain to a safe registrar for a professional buisness. I would want to transfer to namecheap but you can not register .ru domains. Or godaddy but I don't think so. Anyone have suggestions? If it were in english it would be best
  15. Except for an .exe. When you open what other types of files, is it dangerous to open or the type you would not risk on your own computer. .swf, .avi? Also explain please.
  16. .exe is a given. So a .doc file can be a virus? Whats being executed?
  17. I wanted to get a "less used" domain extension like .nu,etc. I was wondering what is the cheapest site to get it from. And the 2nd thing is, can I transfer it to namecheap after I buy it since they don't offer those extensions to register.
  18. So offtopic. I am talking about "exotic" ones.
  19. Is one cookie. What is the format of the cookies? Edit: Its because I am testing the capabilities of a cookie stealer and how to avoid it and I am just wondering on how to put it into a format that can be used. I am using firefox to get the cookies from and put them into internet explorer.
  20. Well I might add a question. Where would you put the cookies into what direcotry for Firefox and ie?
  21. Happy Birthday

  22. Happy Birthday

  23. I am using passwords pro and get this error: I am new to making hashes. I am using winrtgen to make them. Can someone explain please.