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  1. Its a 450mb Live cd?!!?!?
  2. I am looking for a wireless card for packet injection,etc. I just want to try this out on my own network and in the real world. I could care less about other peoples network's there is kismet for cracking it. But the point is that would you suggest thats possible to find on the market?
  3. Well I looked at many options. I am intrested in starting to learn Visual Basic(VB). Would you suggest it because many people have said c++ will die. For visual basics I know you would use a excel but what compiler is good?
  4. I have hamachi installed and made a server. I am wondering what exactly can hamachi do and if anyone has a tuitoral on setting it up as a lan server for a game. Can anyone help out?
  5. Like I asked does anyone have the direct download link for a complier?
  6. In a way your destructing someone's fun by hacking.
  7. Can you post the download link because I have to sign up and wait for it
  8. Recent Topics By you: Wireless Hacking.. Wifi at school.."Would i need to enter account information such as ID and pass??" Police Detection Software? "detector/jamming devices for police" Bruteforcing.. "Can you bruteforce a site that has the login page like this?" I was impersonated through AIM.. "Someone recently created a s/n that could easily represent me"
  9. Well how do you compile c++? Kind of a dumb question. And any books you suggest to read?
  10. But a "closed proxy" would be a private one in a way? But even if the it ends up at the proxy how do you know its not going through someone else who it shouldn't be going through