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  1. Start exploring in a test lab on your own network away from harm or in a sandbox application. Did you not investigate the filename I posted at all? Yeah, I searched around. I'm researching it now. EDIT - This is the only page I found when looking for the file you posted: [url REMOVED BY MODERATOR]
  2. Yeah, my intent was to learn about it. Where should I start in exploring networks? EDIT - The intent sticky was definitely helpful.
  3. Are there any cracking techniques for JavaServer apps? I'm doing this for purely educational purposes, but feel free to lock the topic if it seems too "touchy". Basically, I found out I could access the school's Inifinite Campus login page and thought I would ask if there is a way to crack it, just for the fun of it. I saw the URL on a grade report and thought I'd try it out at home. To my surprise, I could access it. Here is the page: [url REMOVED BY MODERATOR] My apologies if I (and I probably do) sound like a moron for even thinking of trying this. NOTE: This URL has been presented so that I may learn something about the page. Please respect the owner of the page. I AM NOT held responsible for what you do with it.
  4. I have read the ESR essay, and it seems to be pretty well updated (For its age). Which brings me to this: Where do I find more recent text files and what should I read on?
  5. Well, I'd just like to know where to get started in hacking. I've been around computers most of my life and I only know HTML and basic CSS concepts. Basically, I'd like to know where to get started in programming (What language and things like that) and exploring networks (Just fun stuff and things that will build my experience). I'm 15 years old and love the internet and believe in exploring and learning about the internet and the wonders it holds. I also have some basic phreak knowledge (How some boxes work and SE). Any help is appreciated.
  6. So I was out doing whatever it is I do and decided I wanted to make a GOOG411 call before making a redbox attempt (Which was successful, do to stupid operators). But for some reason, it just kept ringing and never went through, is there an explanation for this?
  7. Hey, I'm new to posting but I've been lurking for a long while. You can call me Zeke.
  8. I love using Goog411 at payphones. I usually do it after I'm done eating at Burger King or if I happen to be at a gas station. Its a time killer for me.
  9. How many people have actually connected to an aircraft through Verizon Airphone?
  10. NOTE - I know this is an old topic and I apologize if this is an inconvenience I found this info useful, Google doesn't help much when looking for information like this. I think this could be helpful to other new phreaks.