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  1. The first meeting will be on December 9 starting at 6:00 and the presentations will start at 7:00. I am still trying to find a good location for the meeting. As of now I am considering either Dolphin Mall or a local university.
  2. Are you trying to point out that perl is more than a server side scripting language, or are you saying it can not be used as a server side scripting language? Could you show me an example of a web page that uses perl or php client side?
  3. perl and php are server side scripting languages Meaning the site you are going to needs php to run php, not you
  4. Apache, OpenSSH, and CuteFTP are examples of services. Windows, Mac os, and Linux are operating systems. You can use nmap to tell you the target is running apache version 2.2 or whatever. The "O" flag is used for operating system detection.
  5. If you run nmap with the sV flag it may tell you what version of the service is running. Once you know the version you can start to look for exploits for that particular service.
  6. I can't find the official site, so run a search for "Restoration 3.2.13"
  7. Are you looking for a compiler or an IDE?
  8. http://www.zoneminder.com/
  9. I'm going
  10. Try Clam Win http://www.clamwin.com/ And keep the forum free of warez
  11. Some trace route programs don't use icmp. For example traceroute in linux or winmrt, both use a tcp and udp connection for trace routes.
  12. Do you have a link for the voom card? I keep finding links for that voom cable company. Also didn't you try out some microsoft solution that did the same. How did that work out?
  13. If the computer has deepfreeze installed you just need to reboot
  14. zenwalk has been using the 2.6 kernel for a while now and it has a perferred window manager, xfce
  15. use smbmount instead of smbclient http://learnlinux.tsf.org.za/courses/build...in/ch08s02.html read the section with the title smbmount/smbumount
  16. That is actually more of a note for the mods. It is a quick way for us to remember why you were warned. The real reason is usually sent in a pm unless you are clearly a spammer. In that case you just get banned.
  17. visual basic is a programming language. you use it to write applications. vb.net can be used with asp to write web pages or apps
  18. fdisk or cfdisk one of the first steps in the slackware install is running either of those tools.
  19. Thread Locked
  20. http://crypto-gram.libsyn.com/rss
  21. If your saying what I think your saying you will still need a password to get in.
  22. how did you format it, and what filesystem did you use.
  23. you need to format it use mkfs
  24. I dont think he is contradicting himself. I think he is drawing a line in the sand. If they want to have ads in there media thats fine, but when the adds move onto hackermedia there is a problem. If you dont want shows with adds on hackermedia nows the time to say something.
  25. go ahead and start posting your numbers, Fatal_Kill included. if you post a number that isn't yours you will get a warning.