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  1. We should hold a national payphone conference day. Or even a once a month payphone conference. Why not?
  2. As you find what interests you, you will find what language is most suitable. My only advice is find a language and learn it well, don't hop around with languages. Learn all one has to offer.
  3. Forums seem to evolve with technology, not before it. To try to find its future I really think we just need to watch what direction the Internet is taking and apply forums into that aspect. Given that, it seems the future is portable; how that applies to forums I do not know.
  4. http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=37202
  5. I'm in Portland...let's get the ball rolling dammit!
  6. Well that was fun I'll try to get my images uploaded as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone for a fun (and far) vacation!
  7. you deserve this: <3

  8. A fellow Ruby lover, how could he be any better?

  9. Thanks for my last B-Day comment...hope to get another one in a few months <3

  10. A genius.

  11. hacker, you stole my bike, hacker

  12. ArchLinux runs nice on my 128mb pc in the corner
  13. Happy Birthday

  14. cash prises? hell yeah
  15. Slackware is dear to my heart <3 I am currently running Archlinux and I'm loving it a lot. Not a fan of rpm distros or Ubuntu