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    Chaos Constructions HackAROUND 2007 It's lagrest hack-party is spent to Russia, Saint-Petersburg city. Every day from 11:00 to 18:00. In the center of cultural capital of Russia, Arena near to a cathedral sacred Isaak. In the program are planned: real-time compo show works which have sent on our competitions voting on the exposed works master hack learns seminars interviews Our offline compo: [*]Net Hackvideo (net research and hacks) [*]Just Hackvideo (hacked gadgets) [*]Life Hack video (see life hack trand in google [*]Deface Gfx (deface style 1-bit gfx) [*]Sketch Gfx (sketch style 1-bit gfx) [*]Noise Gfx (gfx after analog-digital transformation) You can not know Russian. But you can send the work to us. =) You work will compete with other works from russian hack-scene. The winner is defined by voting of visitors. We spread results on an official site. Visit us! Logo: Partyplace: Address: Isaakievskaya square, 1 ; (between metro station "Sadovaja" and "Nevsky prospekt") Official site: e-mail: