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  1. I don't think they have an offical schedule yet, but you could look at the schedule's of past HOPE conferences to get a general idea. They have posted a schedule at See you all there... I need to start thinking about my talk!
  2. Well, it looks like I will be attending HOPE this year. Though it isn't totally final yet, (will be when I send in my bio and final description of my presentation tomorrow evening) I am planning on speaking at HOPE6 as well. This will be my "first big con", so I am definitely looking forward to it. Peace out for now...
  3. Telephreak only uses mysql for voicemail. Beave, gid, I, and all the other Telephreak mod/admins have been thinking about playing with it. I plan on doing more with mysql & asterisk for personal/business use soon, will report any problems/success/tips and tricks
  4. feather: That is a phpBB error; if you know the owner of the boards, I can help him/her fix it.. has the same errors when I migrated a client's phpbb-bulletin board....
  5. Wow, I havent been here for a while, but how could you forget... Ill think of some more later, but shame on you!
  6. the domain you regged is now resolving to the correct dns servers, snooty... is working, alas.
  7. Nice how your mom come's home 2/3s into the show....
  8. This just in... Your's truly has been able to get Mark Spencer (the main creator of the open source PBX, Asterisk) to be featured (including an interview) on BellCoreRadio in the following weeks... If you have a question for BCR OR Mark Spencer and the Asterisk/Digium team, please submit to ASAP, Questions will probably be submitted Tuesday night! You can visit our site for more details about the show... Thank You.
  9. Not sure about you all; but many people (inlcuding I to an extent) have SMS messaging working on my * box.
  10. Sub-Sonix --- that was me.. Yea me and BlakeOPS are pretty much partnering on this project, etc. Check it out, very useful and even if you dont have a * box or IAX Softphone, you can still use one of our DID's... and click on 'connect'.
  11. spy1325 -- I would say giuf (google it you fux0r) but this time; myo (make your own) !
  12. + StankDawg or whoever; So they will stop bitching, : --- ---
  13. I know you said you didnt want to buy a box or whatever, but for both PS/2 and USB keyboards they make ones that just blug into the computer (about the size of a usb flash drive) and then the keyboard connect to the device as well. These seem to be the nost effective, though they can run you about 70 dollars. Also, these are more effective (as anti-virus and other security software) cant detect them, yet. You can use these as many times as you want, though there is a limited ammount of keystrokes per device!
  14. It looks like its still 'up' (per se), but its just a blank page. It doesnt give any errors like 404 or anything, maybe he is just updating content...
  15. I was reading in some reputable magazine, that for the most part its a myth that the waves will interfere with air/whatever traffic of the aircraft...
  16. *cough* *cough*
  17. OK Cypress, (I am the webmaster of all the white light sites, as well as asst station manager) We can work with that, but If we start to get a lot of shows the time slots may become taken and filled up!; We will work something out.
  18. Oh, Alright... Doesnt matter that much though... ps. anyone know why isnt passing CID anymore?!
  19. Well after a little looking around, Looks like a guy named (or who goes by the alias of,) Rob Hansen ownED ... just use google and and you will find his supposed 'docs'. Ill be somewhat nice and not drop teh docs.
  20. Im pretty sure, even though its toll free it is deducted from your minute balance, like a local call.
  21. Yea, Figures. my total 'investment' was 5 dollars, 4 of which are still sitting there... I feel sorry for the couple of people who put $10+ ! Figures though, it didnt look very legitimate, took weeks to get an email reply. Just out of curiorisity, how did you find this information out?
  22. Strom- but the 3.7 cents includes the Toll free Dial in AND the IAX Termination.
  23. I suggest getting nufone or and run your own asterisk box.. much cheaper than covertcall, etc. Even if you get your own toll free number (for spoofing via a payphone) and get outgoing call termination (for asterisk, from it only costs 3.7c a minute as opposed to 5c with CovertCall.
  24. Bracket-- Why? If its for like r reason ill go get some from OD. OM, Blockbuster. etc
  25. IMHO everyone ought to have at least one mobile phone (just mobile, no need for service) to be able to make an emergency call. Yes.. but depending on the carrier your phone picks up on and the 911 service in your area, you may or may not be able to be traced via triangulation or whatever its called... Also, on a POTS line w/o service, yes the local phone company is obligated to connect your call to emergency services, but if you dont have a number, and that is what the 911 command center uses to find out where you are; youd have to be able to stay on the phone, tell them where you are, etc... What if it was a kidnapping or armed-robbery? In NO WAY am I saying I worry about this shit, I have a cell, the power hardly ever goes out down here in the 512, and when it does, the Cell towers still work for me.. *stupid paranoid bitches*