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  1. Not really, say that my password is meade12, all I have to remember is "meade" and that this is the twelfth time that I've had to change my password. That's precisely an example of a security police bad implemented. Let's start with the fact that the password, as you put it, doesn't enforce the use of a good security policie, there are no complex format for the password, one of the problems relating to passwords is the use of easy-to-remember password and is because is breakable during a brute force or dictionary attack. On the other hand, if someone have been able to watch the system's security for something, keep a record of it and is able to break someone's password, using an increment police (x1 because is the first time I use this password, x2 because is the second time I'm changing the password, and so on) will put system's security in future danger, it will be better in that case use random numbers. One important thing that people should realize is that password change can't show relation with previous used passwords. Regards
  2. Hi, Looks interesting, and at least I didn't know it, but I would like to ask, if I may, how would you (or anyone who have used this distro) compare it with other similar proyects like backtrack (beside the full-install option), PHLAK, knoppix-std or even, nUbuntu? Regards
  3. Hi, I'm not so sure that "entertainment" would be the right reason to do anything further, not even to do the nmap's scan itselft. If you want to do something usefull with the information you've got from nmap, you could try to contact the person to let him/her know that the systems is open to an attack, you could also tell him/her how to improve the system security.... Things are entertained as long those things don't happen to you, isn't? The point in checking system's security isn't to have fun or be entertained by it, one point would be improve that security, and yes, break it would be other... But even breaking shouldn't be something you do for fun and that's because it has consecuences. Regards