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  1. Co-Location in a large data center would be a far more cost effective way to go. Check out Cave Creek. They gave me some killer quotes on co-locating for a game-server business I was looking to open. That, and they are one of the most reliable hosts in the country from experience I have had myself, and with other people in the industry.
  2. Anyone interested in a meet up for these codes since they're basically the same area? Or do we have something and I'm just clueless...
  3. The problem is, people like the OP want someone to hand feed them everything there is to know about computing. Sorry, but that can't be done. There is too much knowledge. So rather than come in say "teach me to hack", make an effort to go out an learn a few things. It isn't hard to understand that he needs to learn the basics of computers/networking/internet. I mean, come on, if he can't figure out how to type a query and hit search, is he really ready for anything else? Now, if he learns a few things, tries a few things, and comes back months from now and says "hey, I did this, and tried this, and this happened, or this is what I want to happen, can you help me," then I'm sure he'll get a far different response, at least from me.
  4. Yup, alternator already done. The 130amp one in it is the same one I ran in my last SHO, and if it can drive the stereo I had in there, it'll rive this fine. Tranny won't be a concern on this one, but if it becomes one, I'm not far from Performance Plus of Midwest SHO.
  5. Reading doesn't always stick, sometimes hands-on challenges. That's where the test part comes in.
  6. You come to a place where there are VERY smart people and ask things that can be found by searching Google in less than an hour, sorry if I sounded a little snide... I know, you just want to bend the spoon..... There is no spoon. And the cake is a lie..
  7. Google, books, trial and error. Read, learn, read again, learn more, read AGAIN, and then test. Repeat for book upon book. I'll tell you the same thing I tell everyone that asks me to "teach them to hack". RTFM. Hacking is more experimenting and exploring than anything. I've been in IT professionally for about 10 years now(don't let the post count fool you, I'm only new to the site), and I learn something new every day. Most of us are doing nothing more than tryng something, seeing if it works, and learning from it.
  8. Epic for an 8 year old! The fact that she went through the directories and found it shows some definite intelligence and critical thinking. Get that girl a Knoppix disc and a laptop, and let the 0wnage begin! I got my 3 year old a G3 iMac, and he uses our PC's all the time. He's gotten prety god at working the mouse and some of the keyboard control. Hopefully he'll be doing the same thing to me in he future!
  9. So, here's my issue... I have a '93 Taurus SHO I'll be picking up shortly after January 1st. It's a complete toy, since I already have a daily driver. I'm using an older laptop in the car as a carputer solution, running to a 7" touchscreen. I was thinking that I want to not only have the GPS and MP3 streaming(and maybe some wardriving.....), but I want to integrate the system into the car's security. Basically, I need a way for it to control a 12v relay for the starting system. I can build the passcode interface if I can figure out how to get it to talk to a security system relay of some type. I know there are things out there, but I'm not sure what. It would have to be USB. That, and I could integrate the wireless card with a small app that would allow me to remote start it over my home network, and even time it to warm it up in the morning before work if I choose to take that car. Maybe even get it to talk to the security/keyless system as well from the network? If that works, I can set up a secondary connection ad-hoc to my other laptop that I always have with me for controlling it as well. Just a thought I've been playing with. I would like to integrate some more features but I'll get this done and go from there. I'm not much of an amateur electronics guy, so forgive me if this is a n00b question.
  10. Not really a password, but the sys admins at a company I work for have the wifi locked via SSID. In order to log on, all you need is to type the proper SSID in, and your logged on. Now, that would probably work in this hick town, except they use the company name, company location, and AP number. fake example: acerlondon07
  11. NCIC is it. NCIC or a client linked to it is run in most squad cars. It links to the FBI and other law agencies and holds anything about you, your vehicle, and your life that the legal arm of our country ever recorded.
  12. Put it into equipment for my business. I run a small business that does small company networking, and general computer service. I want to expand to medium sized companies, and work towards some high end contracts.