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  1. Check out alienware, I've heard good comments about them.
  2. What was the tv commercial actually about?
  3. Wow this brings back memorys of playing runescape (how sad). I used to use Sbot.
  4. I can't say I really understand that, I have been looking around Google for a while and found this # Zeros are represented by 1850 Hz # Ones are represented by 1650 Hz so all i can make out from your post is the 11011111 would this be used as frequency's? http://www.iec.org/online/tutorials/faxtec...st/topic04.html Its not the same CID's, our phone number used to be used for a company so now we are getting their calls and fax's.
  5. I know nothing about phreaking, but I get a few fax's via my land line which is annoying due to the fact the phone keeps ringing. i know the tone to accept is 2100Hz but is their a tone to reject the call?
  6. Stock, earn some money from it
  7. I like to keep a image of my drive. make a new one every month on a 2.5" harddrive.