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  1. I find slang fascinating. I was looking at a Japanese-English slang dictionary and they taught the Japanese words like "knockers" and "get f***** up" and things like that, mostly old skool slang like "dig it" and stuff but some new ones too, like "bitch motherf*****." It's pretty funny I think.
  2. Searched and got some more codes: ##20022002 NAM Programming Options (also has voice options) default SPC is normally 000000, could also be 111111 ##2773 Debug Mode (very cool, shows signal strength and tower traffic) ##2240 Misc. Software Tests ##2283 Baud Rate Changer ##27751345 Battery Options (to change battery type and others) ##27731726 Supposed Software Tests, does not work on my phone though 2539** A-Key Source: has many other phone codes as well i.e. nokia -Manzo
  3. Heh, I hear that! I have an Audiovox CDM 8600 and it's not yet a year old. I don't think it has bluetooth. Anyone know something else cool I could do with it? -Manzo
  4. That's just what I was thinking as well... Too specific for 2 people to use. Like Manzo45383480 would be... -Manzo
  5. Is that the Lucky225 that is here? -Manzo
  6. ah... okay. thanks guys! -Manzo
  7. Is it possible to scan for wireless networks from a cellphone? Like a normal cellphone and not a palm cell or anything like that? -Manzo
  8. So, I own an audiovox cdm 8600 and browsing the preaking forum made me want to do shit to it. I searched for debug codes, and ended up finding a txt at hackcanada for the 8900 model, but some of those codes still work. More importantly, I got the basic form for the codes so I just started trying out ones. I don't know anything about phreaking or what some of these mean, but I'm sure you guys'll be interested. Some of these codes are ones from the txt that work, others might be there by coincidence, most aren't there I think, but point is I don't claim all of these. So then... To access the code features, dial the code, then hit the hangup button, NOT the call button... ##1111 EFS Status (phone memory status?) ##1112 ERI Status (verson *sic, but this is how they spell it...*, entry, icon) ##1113 ERI Status (id) ##1114 ERI Status (*a number* then my service provider) ##1122 Phone Setting Test (ringtone test, vibrate motor test, voice echo test, screen contrast, different screen colors->white, black, red, green, blue) ##1133 Not sure... (this is in the txt for the 8900 as a reset, but doesn't appear to reset mine... it does so something b/c a popup says wait a moment) ##1144 Keytone Time (chooses keytone time, can't navigate menu though) ##2222 AGC Val (AGC Val, LNA0 on/off, LNA1 on/off.... AGC = automatic gain control for distortion control? dunno why it changes like it does.. dunno what LNA0/1 are either..) ##2250 RFNV Control (NV CDMA, NV PCS, NV FM, NV GPS1 options and sub-options to each) ##4771 aka ##GPS1 GPS1 Controls (cryptic abbreviations, don't know anything here) ##7738 Change P_REV (don't know anything here) ##8888 midi_effect (chooses some sort of sound clip for something, can't navigate menu) Special Code #5625* aka #LOCK* Displays the phone's security lock code Additional Notes: I had to test this. The codes will work even in the lock state. Also interesting, in the lock state, if you do the #lock* code, it will display the unlock key and also take the phone out of lock. I don't know if this was programmed in on purpose or by accident, but it's still pretty cool. So yeah, if anyone can post some followup information on what these features do and what abbreviations mean and all that, it'd be helpful. Also if anyone else has codes to add or codes to suggest, please reply. Two of those menus I could not navigate through using any buttons... the only button that did anything was the end call and that exitted.. Any help at all please reply. Thanks! -Manzo