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  1. i dig the swamp thing

  2. my plan for becoming a hacker is this: 1) get comfortable with linux. 2) learn bash shell scripting. 3) LPIC-1 certification. 4) learn perl 5) learn python 6) learn java 7) learn c++ also, read lots of threads here and on similar forums to get ideas on things i want to do. 1 and 2 are done. the book for 3 is on its way from amazon. there's probably a lot of other stuff i need to do, but i figure that the above is a good start.
  3. hey, as long as we're talking about linux and malware, lemme ask a question i've asked on a few linux distro forums without ever getting a straight answer. that is, in linux do we have to worry about the "tracking cookies" that aps like free AVG and spybot detect in MS windows? it seems to me that you could pick up these "tracking cookies" in linux too, and that they would slow you down no matter what OS you're running. still, i'm no expert and don't really know. anyone have any opinions on this? also, if i do need to worry about "tracking cookies" on my linux boxes, is there some sort of linux ap like spybot that will get rid of them?
  4. if you need to bypass XP security to copy files off an NTFS volume, puppy linux works. just boot into puppy, mount the ntfs volume, and copy your data onto an external hard drive or a flash drive. unless the volume is encrypted. if the volume is encrypted, you're screwed. although, it occurs to me that there are probably people around here who know how to get past things like PGP encryption, too.
  5. hello there, everyone. i too am a noob/wannabe hacker. really like the binrev podcast, though. i should probably check out this site more often.