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  1. photoresistor ftw..
  2. Hmm.. pretty nice. Would be cooler if you made it a web app so you could click a button if a number was something predictable (CBCAD, DISCO, etc) and also have a text box for description. That way you could collect all the scans and share. Also, saw ic0n online recently.. wtf is cuebiz?
  3. Mine is powered off 24 VDC @ 500 mA.. the wall wart transformer I have connects to the orange and orange-white wires of the network cable. Unfortunately, don't have any keys for mine.
  4. Actually, that makes sense because they are telco lobbyists. See this article @ the register: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/06/22/net_neut_a_killer/ Also http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/05/09/ve...net_neutrality/ Read just the last sentence if it's speed you're interested in. And where would this standard 10 Gbps connection be available for comprable rates to what I'm paying a month (about $50)? Most of the world isn't even connected to the net yet - only 17% of the world's population is online [ http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm ]
  5. LOL.. don't get sucked into this crap. 'Net neutrality' is a campaign by big corporations levying to have the internet regulated by the government, which means they will collect taxes to pay for the infrastructure and make laws to control the internet. Here's some animated cartoons to get the point across.. http://www.handsoff.org/blog/
  6. Harry Potter books would be alright for 11 year olds.. but why not read some real literature?
  7. Heretic via the wayback machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20060805103944/...bin/pageview.pl
  8. What's sad is I know someone who could still beat pretty much anyone without using this cheat.. This guy used to play minesweeper obsessively, even while talking on the phone. His top scores were well under a minute for the hardest setting. It would just sounds like machine gun fire when he was clicking away at his mouse!
  9. Picture quality is lacking, but what you have marked as controllers look like resistors to me (they probably have 4 colored bands on them to indicate their resistance..) Cool doodles btw.. also maybe you can take a video of that TV, it sounds awesome. Or at least explain what you did in more detail.
  10. Ah, wow.. I picked up the STK500 & 501 (surface mount programmer) with 3 microprocessors for around $100 off ebay a while back.. I set it up and upgraded the firmware and then played with the test program a bit but haven't really done much else. I should dig it out and make something cool.
  11. Awesome!
  12. Slow is a relative term. Try climbing a high place and dropping it over the side, it will accelerate downwards at a constant rate of 9.81 m/s^2 (assuming you're here on earth). Or just try getting a real OS.. like freebsd
  13. Great to see people working on new zines! Best of luck!
  14. I'll be there... :grr:
  15. Why do people use the word 'maths'? It's just math, or if you prefer, mathematics.
  16. Medeco locks aren't infeasable to pick.. just different. Okay maybe harder than a standard pin tumbler since there is an extra dimension added. However, medeco payphone locks only have 4 pins! This makes things a bit easier. I still haven't been able to pick mine though..
  17. I'm not sure.. but to find the plaintext you're looking for, since you already have the wep key, you'd need to find out which program was used to generate it.. there might even be a standard.. and then reverse that.
  18. Yea this site is such a ripoff / scam. I've never bought from them..
  19. I'd jump at a chance to work at the Sandia Lab...
  20. The Presidential election is NEXT year ;P Also, absentee voting is not any better than electronic voting because in most cases (when absentee votes are counted) they are just entered into an electronic machine by a human. Everyone here should read the paper by the security researchers at Princeton who managed to get a hold of an old version Diebold AccuVote .. here: http://itpolicy.princeton.edu/voting/
  21. This sounds exactly like AT&T Blackboard.. Although I don't know anything about 'BlackBox 3000'. Search for Acidus & Virgil's talk at interz0ne from a few years back..
  22. Thanks for this! I needed a new thumb drive.
  23. Aha, when I first saw the title I thought it was referring to the file format
  24. Web hacking is fun. What did you use to decompile the flash?
  25. Actually it was a video poker machine they reverse engineered (in Mitnick's book). As far as the poker thing goes, I think you're going about it wrong.