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  1. I have a Gateway M-6850FX laptop running Vista Home Premium and am trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate. I have the os from 2 different sources and neither is apparently working. I have burned each .iso file using Nero, PowerISO, and Infra recorder. None of them have been able to create a bootable dvd and so I have been trying to run it from the desktop. All the attempts have failed while expanding files at various percentages. The first time I got a NMI: parity error/ memory parity error. I checked the ram, HDD, etc and even downloaded the upgrade advisor. Everything checked out and so I tried it again. The second time (and each subsequent time) The computer just turns itself off. Just like that and won't turn back on for 5 to min. After that it rolls back and I am back where I started. I have tried to clean install, and uprgrade. I want a clean install if at all possible. I have two partitions C: and a recovery D: and of course am trying to install on C:. I have 70 gig free so space isn't a problem. Also, My computer has been overheating quite a bit. It will freeze eventually as it is using 100% of the CPU for no reason and after a hard shutdown I have to wait for it to cool off before turning it on. The windows 7 install is the priority as I can deal with the overheating later. Could the overheating be causing it to fail? I have checked everything I can think of and am almost out of ideas. So, after a day and a half of useless work I am extremely pissed and not thinking very straight. Getting angry is very noobish but I don't care. Gonna go grab a beer. Anyone have a theory on what is wrong or a way to fix it? thanks in advance
  2. Cuda looks pretty good but I would probably run into a lot of hardware problems as this would have to run on multiple computers. I have been reading a little about openGL (still reading) and think that may be the way to go. Thanks for the CUDA suggestion. I will look more into it.
  3. Well, this is a bit embarrassing but: I haven't done anything more than maintenance work on computers for the past four years but now need to get back into them. My plan is to go into physical chemistry for which computer programming (and computers in general)would be extremely beneficial. I need a language (or the smallest number of languages) to learn that would allow me to perform computational analysis, animations, etc. I have experience in multiple languages but nothing in depth. (due to my 4 year layoff). Anyway, some animations I will need to be able to do (for research presentations and the like) can be found here Computation example would be running a simulation of gas particles in a closed container and measure the frequency of collision. (and cal based math which I can use maple or something similar) I was thinking C++ and java would be enough to cover my bases but would like others input and opinions. Thanks Demonic_angel
  4. Hey all, love the updated site. Anyway: My parents were having trouble with their desktop a Gateway 510s. When I came over to look the thing was more virus than machine. We couldn't find any backup disks or factory reformat disks. So I put a preactivated copy of Windows sp3. It updates, passes, validation, etc. The problem is there is no sound whatsoever coming from the machine. Device Manager says Multimedia Audio Controller is code 28. Not installed. While I was away somebody else tried to fix it and I think installed the wrong driver for it. Going to the gateway update page and attempting to install the driver it suggests causes incompatibility errors. Does anyone know how to fix this? Need any more information let me know. I at a friends house now and will give the motherboard model when I get back. Edit:\ Got back and he has found the old driver disc. problem solved. The driver he tried first was for a realtek and the computer had Leagacy Audio causing conflicts when I tried to install the proper one. The driver disc replaced all of them. Thanks.
  5. I didn't find any infected .exe files but I didn't really look hard. I was looking for something else entirely when I saw these files and didn't know what they were. I have Tren-Micro Anti-virus+antispyware and spysweaper. I think Trend micro found freddy46.exe a while ago and is supposedly in quarantine. I have been reading some of the symptoms of Koobface, and unless I am missing some, my computer doesn't have these systems. The real problem with my computer is it will randomly freeze and cntrl+shift+delete does nothing and cntrl+alt+delete makes the screen go black for about 2 minutes before an error box pops up saying Logon Process failed to create computer options dialog and then I have to hard shutdown. Any clues what may be causing this? Sounds like a security conflict to me but not really sure. Thanks, for replies. Koobface still needs to be gone so that's priority one for now.
  6. Hey all. I have finally found some infected files which I desperately hope are the cause of my computer trouble. These files: 010112010146118114.dat 010112010146118114.lso 0101120101465452.dat 0101120101465452.lso 9g2234wesdf3dfgjf23 are apparently from a computer worm called Koobface. (sorry if this is old news, I have had my head in my chem and physics books for ahile) I was wondering if anyone knew some good tools to remove them with. I have trend micro and spysweaper but for some reason they are not finding it. Or if I should just delete them manually from command prompt and forget about them. Thanks.
  7. My computer has been freezing up and allowing only the cursor to move to a black screen. ctrl+shift+del does nothing and ctrl+alt+del makes me wait a few minutes before I get an error message that says: logon process has failed to create the security options dialog Failure- Security options. Searches have turned up nothing in the way of viruses or spyware. Google has a number of people with the same problem but a wide variety of fixing it. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this before I start trying them one at a time. Vista Home Premium 32-bit version. (I would like just to try the Windows 7 RC but first I want the computer to be working properly and the wedding video done) Also, system restore did not solve the problem. Have Trend-micro antivirus and Spysweaper. Edit:\\ Quit using Google Chrome. No problem in days. So an update conflict of some kind.
  8. Thanks alot. I will look at those as soon as I resolve some of the problems facing my computer right now.
  9. I just got back from a friend's wedding. They didn't film anything so I got my phone out and shot a few clips (about 20 min worth). I would like to boost the audio a bit and refine the picture quality if possible. Does anyone know a good editing software to do this with? (I have a Razor2 V9x cell phone) Edit:\ I would like to make a DVD with the the continuous clips as a gift.
  10. Thanks for the replies guy, (that chic is crazy btw). She is not banned it is working fine now. I just don't get it. The same account that just wouldn't go, and now it works fine. I swear the same thing happened with my last topic, the problem just resolved itself (for now )
  11. Edit:\ My sister likes gaiaonline. I don't know much about but lately she has had trouble logging into her account. I have disabled all firewalls and allowed all cookies and still she cannot login. The computer is running SP3 Xp She tells me that she apparently can only get on at 2 AM or 3 PM. Is a problem with my stuff or gaia's? Also, I securely connect to their homepage and get her logged in but then she will be kick immediately out. Any thoughts?
  12. Hey, didn't want to start a new thread: Acer Aspire 5050-3242 Windows XP Media Center Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter Will not pick up a wireless signal from the actiontech router listed above. I had a pxe rom error and change the boot order now its fine. Device manager says it is working fine. I have replaced the router with an identical one (fixed the desktop error). My laptop Gateway M-6850FX is working fine on this wireless connection. I used a wireless pc card and was able to use internet (ip address was 96.something when usually is something else. Is this normal? I am not very good with networking ) Last Thursday was the last day the internet was working and according to the owner all she did was shut down normally and in the morning nothing. Node type is Broadcast if that makes a difference. I am reading up on this stuff now but any help is appreciated.
  13. It magically works now. I didn't do anything besides check a few things then went to work on the yard. Came back and bam. Everything fine (about an hour of it just sitting). No body else touched it. I just don't get it. Thanks for the help. Pan: Thanks for the link.
  14. w3schools is a good place to start for a number of languages and should give you a good overview of SQL Hope this helps
  15. I think they were actually. Thanks Ohm that clears one mystery lol.