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  1. http://preview.ussearch.com/preview/newsea...earchFName=mark
  2. just because you can.
  3. in windows run dxdiag or look in the device manager.
  4. there are quite a few neat things people have done with gameboys. http://gameboy.hackaday.com/
  5. just get a copy of nero or alcohol120
  6. outlook does this, we use it at the office. quite useful actually.
  7. so someone who uses technology in a malicous way doesn't match what i said huh? riiiiiight. hint: there are more than two definitions. BushiBytes: EXACTLY. like i said earlier, hacker, hacking, hack are words that have many different meanings, like cock. different definitions are pertinent in different contexts. to say, "i hacked this computer" meaning gained illegal access without conest would be correct, as would "i'm hacking a new version of my software". saying, "i'm a hacker" meaning "i gain illegal unauthorized access to computer systems" would be just as correct as, "i'm a hacker" meaning, "i write software and find creative solutions to problems". in addition, things like "i'm a hack", "this is a hack" and "what a hack" can have widly varying meanings, both positive and negative. you can use the term hacker to denote someone who writes software and plays with technology just as someone else can use it to mean someone who writes viruses, breaks into networks, or someone else who uses it to describe a poor golf player.
  8. read my earlier post. hacking vs. cracking only exists for elitist retards who like feeling above normal people who use words properly. just because a few nerds say there is a difference or that hacking can't be used to connote some malicious act does NOT make it true. read a fucking dictionary. using the word hacker to describe someone who uses technology maliciously is not just some media invented term used to villify anyone who plays with technology. GET.OVER.YOURSELVES. hacking does not mean just one thing, and it hasn't for longer than you've been alive.
  9. one of the problems with these people is they want to be spoon fed specific info on how to Pwn systems and don't look at how any kind of general tech knowledge can be used in another way(ie hacking as we appreciate it). por ejemplo: if you know basic electronics you know how circuits work and how a circuit can be shorted, also if you know how a magnetic switch works then you can use that basic knowledge to circumvent that switch without being told specifically what to do. once you understand how things work and why you can begin to play with them, this is the best way.
  10. of course you could just apt-get for RPMs.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacker http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Hacker DoSing is hacking, running scripts is hacking, writing viruses is hacking, etc. EDIT: changed to placate nitpickers with nothing substantial to say
  12. next big thing: WARTAPPING!
  13. hacker has just become one of those words with many meanings, like cock. get over it.
  14. so i've got this snazzy new sony digicam, and i wanna play with it's guts. i've found lots of info for Canons and shit, but not-a so much-a for Sony stuff. links would be super.
  15. if you're a n00b i really suggest using a desktop environment. if you really want to try debian i suggest ubuntu. it's really easy to get used to and all the nifty tools and utilities make configuring anything a snap.