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  1. My worse FooBar (which actually led to my firing) was as follows. I was cleaning and optimizing a database schema for a inventory system of a logistics company. As I was going though the schema I saw a series of database tables called temp_{some name} these tables were identical to tables of the same name (minus the temp_). Long story short after examining the table and not finding any indication that there was data being stored in it, and looking at the source code to verify that there were no calls to these tables I ended up removing them. As it turns out there was some obscure web service that was using these tables to store a single record for a short period of time. (Most likely to provide a fall back for enormous record updates). Yes I know; Universally stupid. But, I really couldn't stand my boss at the time and they did me a favor by firing me. . I'm in a much better place career wise and I'm a bit smarter now as a result.
  2. Whats nice about sticky keys is that its considered a Accessibility aid for people with disabilities (mainly for those that are unable to pres multiple keys simultaneously). So its a feature that they absolutely need to be available right as windows gets loaded up as it falls under the ADA guidelines. The fact that its an external program rather than baked into the core windows app itself is a bonus.
  3. I usually use the sticky keys method for customers who forget their password. And yes, this method still works in Windows 10 of course pre Windows 10, if you didn't have a linux or windows boot disk handy you could start windows up and do a "hardcore" hard shutdown (pulling the power plug out of box while windows was booting, or hold the power key down on a laptop). What this does is when you plug the plug back into the system, windows will display a message that your computer didn't shut down correctly. with a couple of options. One of them being a "Read More about this" (or something along those lines. if you open it up it will open in the text editor (complete with the "save as" optrion under the File Menu. Click on that and you will be able to get to the file system in windows that way. From there you can nav to the Win32 folder and rename the cmd.exe to sethc.exe. In order to use it via Windows 10 you'll need some sort of boot disk. (prefrebly Linux) as Microsoft has removed the "Read More" text file as mentioned above.
  4. I've been going to Hope since Hope Number 6. I'll still most likely go to future cons because I like hanging out with the Radio Statler crew. But alas, this year I'll be getting married and I'll be just getting off the Honeymoon (and most likely broke as hell). I did mention the conference to her and I pointed out that she has always wanted to go to NYC in hopes that she would agree to double the Honeymoon with the conference. But it was little surprise when I got a very negative response to that suggestion Well hopefully there will be one in 2018. and hopefully Radio Statler will still be there as well.