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  1. Check out this guy, he makes unusual music from printers. Snooz
  2. Try jIRCii, requires no install. It is small enough to run from a USB stick or a floppy or you can run it from a CD. There is also a web launch for the app on his web site. Always worked well for me. snooz
  3. I have read a lot of negative stuff about paypal and how they have screwed with people and all..... Can any of the people who use paypal regularly give a basic best practices for using paypal? I guess you should open a dedicated savings or credit card account for use with paypal, but what else can you do to protect yourself from the strongarm tactics of paypal? I really need to open a paypal account for selling on ebay and don't want to make any mistakes that will have them freeze my account or something like that, which I read about all the time. TIA Snooz_bar
  4. Yep KeePass is the best I've found, and I've tried many. :voteyes:
  5. This is the military way....
  6. ...but I have not tried it. Apparently it does work though. snooz
  7. Who cares.... :growl:
  8. Yes, please try another distro, Caldera is old now and probably isn't what you are looking for. There are many good distros out now that would be much better. Visit DistroWatch and find a nice friendly one there. snooz
  9. I haven't tried it but this should get you started easily enough.
  10. Right, 45 each way so you could have 80 total going at once, no? Still maddening
  11. Apparently back in the 1990s the Clinton team gave the big Bell companies $200 billion in tax breaks if they would get out 80Mbs broadband to everyone by 2006. Well, it's 2006 and no one has it . I want my fiberoptic broadband now! Read the maddening story here.
  12. Minimum Requirements: To use this guide, you are going to need the following: * 1 burnable CD-R * A computer with at least a 4GB hard drive * A working ethernet card * A network that uses DHCP. It all starts here.
  13. Have a look at Chandler, a very promising open source calendar/PIM app. :go:
  14. BRR doesn't totally suck yet, but it will need to start warming up soon or it will lose some people. First of all, both hosts seem to be saying "me me me" quite a bit and secondly, Strom seems to be becoming a control freak. I respect both hosts and believe they will come up with a flow and things will improve. They will never replace Stank and that is fine, I'm sure their personallity will come through eventually. I will hang on for another month and see how satisfied I am then. Thanx for putting the time and effort into the show guys, and keep in mind it is a show not a BS session.
  15. Nice. Now if only you could run the power cord up from the basement. Looks like one of those wireless keyboard and mouse sets would be the perfect companions for that table.