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  1. v0id_64 is teh win i bow to you. i have 0 skills the person that discovered this and found the mdiag tool has worked out that wga download validation uses your "download center code" which in turn represents the hash="your code here" i have no idea how he found this as their is no details on his posting. The original link is here i tested on another product key from the same area i live in. my friend got the same download center code so maybe product regions have the same download center code. happy now mr v0id?
  2. this was posted to slashdot today bypass WGA check on any download 1. download mgadiag.exe 2. start mgadiag.exe and look at the download center code 3. visit a download page at 4. append &Hash=”download center code” to the url (example &Hash=6VJPCR9), no quotation marks needed 5. Hit enter enjoy.
  3. lol nice shizzle you wouldnt be able to hack the windows system - when they are secured or locked down they are hard to break
  4. those gateways probably routers and being a school im guessing cisco - the net cant see your box because its not in a DMZ which is demilterized zone or internet visable, why do you think that admins have a NATd network setup - so u cant make servers on their connection that can be connected to from the internet. that would just be a stupid network if it allowed WAN traffic in causes way to many problems - its like saying please oh please hack me!
  5. microsoft have patched the hole in "Vulnerability in HTML Help Could Allow Code Execution" so if you patch your not affected by this anymore or you could save urself trouble and use firefox period
  6. its better than ad-aware infact it shits over the free ad-aware it just dosent pick up spyware it gets virus/malware too and no it doesnt track you.. who the hell came up with that crap
  7. get the linux NT password change utility here it also allows mounting of ntfs partitions on tty3 and tty4 its very 1337 fits on a floppy
  8. yeah they picked up 200 networks ... prolly had an antenna on the plane :S
  9. semen, i was drunk when i added the link to nuke.. forgive me
  10. sorry link is fixed
  11. lol no law here in australia on this im kidstylers bro recently i went to a conference in perth with cisco speakers they invited me to come and hack into their wireless, obviously they 802.1x WPA/radius authentication. they were also bragging that their 'mates' had hired a plane and flew around perth CBD airspace picking up wireless networks, free net... as i said, no law
  12. Stack based overflow, bug discovered by Luigi Auriemma allows an attacker to bind shellcode on the victim port 101. can download the code/exe here