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  1. This fucking blows. Im from Tampa, but stuck in Great Lakes, IL at school for the Navy. Ill be home in like 2 months for 2 weeks, we have to do something as a group.
  2. Well if its not new, and even if it is... Google howardforums. We arent a damn CellPhone fix-it/hack-it shop!!! :cuss: :cuss: :cuss: Good day!
  3. Been there. Been forever though. Accidentally born in Honolulu. Long story there.
  4. Whats wrong with that?
  5. 813

    A bit of warning. If you are going to this meeting, dont bring anything of value. Your bound to be jumped/ganked/raped/mugged. This is like the worst mall in town, but Im still going. I just wont be brining much of anything with me.
  6. 813

    Just remembered. Citrus Park has free mall-wide WiFi... But thats just my $.02. Im still planning on bieng at University if thats the final location.
  7. Just saw a screenshot of what it was. Speaking from experience as an ex HTS community member (thank god I found yall) it DOES seem like something some of those ingrates on the boards would pull.
  8. Hate to break it to you bro but you got jipped. I got a brand new HP at Circuit City for 1000$ AMD Turion 64 [EDIT]Gig and a half of ram (I bought the gig for 30$), came with two 512's already.[/EDIT] 140gb HDD Light Scribe DVD burner Vista compatable. ATI 800m 128mb dedicated. 802.11g built in Quick start DVD features Bunch more shit. Works like a dream.
  9. And Tmobile wants your first born.
  10. 813

    Im in 813. Up on the border between Pasco and Hillsborough. Better known as Lutz. Im usually shopping for music or games Fridays at the Citrus Park Town Center, and Id be game for having a meeting there. Just give a final date and Ill try and get off work to be there.
  11. Basic telephone to elevator operation still runs through touchtones in case of emergency. For instance: Some elevators send the car to another floor when a combination of numbers are pressed. (11 for first floor, 22 for second, etc. etc.) Emergency alarms can also be sounded in most elevators, giving the type of elevator, location, and what floor the car is stopped on, by pressing ## or **.
  12. Oooh man did I ever. I was two hours late for work because of them. I went down to the regional office and raised hell with the GM. Apparently Verizon will be paying for any and all repairs to my car. Not to mention a settlement for the head hurt. They refused to speak about the other driver, however.
  13. So Im in Florida. Im getting ready to get FiOS put in yesterday (thank god, wouldnt have lasted another day with RoadRunner) since I just moved up to Lutz. Dude comes, we talk, he installs, I get all giddy, I pay, we have a drink and chit-chat, he leaves. Nothing serious. Great dude, really helped out. Truthfully hes the only install guy who i've ever dealt with that actually knew his shit! Well today, after I rave and rave about how helpful he was, I go to Publix down the road here to get some breakfast. As Im backing out, down the row of parking spaces come two Verizon trucks (Vans, whatever) doing like 30. I get rear ended and pinned against another car. As I look up, after I regain my sightfrom hitting my head on my driver side window, I notice the dude backing up trying to take off! I get out my passenger side door, run up, and pull the door open. Before I knew what happened, theres a cop pulling me off his van and cuffing me. Long story short, its the same guy from yesterday! I dont know what all happened to him. I just got home from sitting in an ambulance getting my head checked out. Got a nice big gash upside my head and a mild concussion to go with it. I think someones fired though! So why are Verizon's people such assholes when something goes wrong! And what the hell inspires them to hire all the same people?!
  14. Bullshit in computer science? 5 years to get a BS in computer science?! Fucking hell, this dude's gotta be a retard or something! Im getting mine in ONE YEAR through the Navy. Took him 5?!?!
  15. Where the hell'd you get 4 gigs of RAM from? Go to Circut City. I was there last night getting this laptop and the dudes there had a working version of Windows 64 on display with a gig of ram. Even played Half Life 2 on full blast with no video card. Ran not bad, but obviously could have been better.