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  1. The model is DWL-G650 rev. A. Thanks in advance!
  2. I tried booting a Knoppix STD cd on my laptop and it did not recognize my D-Link PCMCIA wireless card. I suppose there is a driver called "Indy IS" (?) that will make your Linux recognize most of the cards out there. Does anyone know the correct name of the driver and where I can find it? I tried Google but could not find it. Thanks in advance!
  3. Just for my information, could you give an example of what he said that made you consider him a clueless fanatic?
  4. Found this website DDOS attack DRDOS attack The PDF files tell a very interesting story. --- Please, no flames this time! No calling each other script kiddie, no comments about the use of 1337 speak or English "grammer" , and no trying to police everybody else. :nono:
  5. Dr4gon, your grammar and spelling are decent enough for me. But the advice you've received that mentioned Google is right. You may try searching for "htaccess exploit", hacking htaccess or something similar. BTW, where are you from?
  6. Cool deal! I am not really into phreaking but I am curious about that zine. It's a nice piece of history. If you or rbcp are interested, when I asked for the image, the seller told me he has a bunch of copies of old 2600 magazines (although he didn't put them up for auction).
  7. The link is
  8. The latest issue of the Linux Magazine comes with a DVD exactly like that but includes only versions of Knoppix distros. I wonder if one can look at the DVD and learn how it was done.
  9. Sorry, I don't have the rest of the pages. It is from a guy who is selling it on eBay.
  10. An old phreaking magazine. That is almost 30 years ago.
  11. What distro would you recommend for the best XWindows implementation, Bizurke? :help:
  12. Damn Small Linux is a business card size (50MB) bootable Live CD Linux distribution based on Knoppix What will be next?
  13. Thanks for the suggestion! I gotta try that little devil.
  14. I understand that. The problem, as I see, is that most Linux proponents claim that Linux is so much better than Windows and that it should replace Windows as the most popular OS, and one would suppose Linux is fit for the needs of the majority of non-expert users. I hope that this vision someday will be true, and from time to time I check those distros to see if that day has come at last. But so far, it didn't and we should not expect it to work right away like Windows does (?) - and that is the opposite of what the crowd has been claiming.
  15. About 4 years ago, I tried every Linux I could download. The only one that installed and worked well as every OS is supposed to do was Red Hat's, but even then I had to tweak it a little and give up some of the peripherals I had hooked up to the PC. It wasted a lot of my time and at the end I was more frustrated than a legless Ethiopian watching a donut rolling downhill. So this time I thought it was worth $10 to get a bunch of distros instantly so I could test them all and not have to waste time downloading, burning and installing each of them just to see almost all of them not working 100%.