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  1. It was cool to hear from da mute if we could just get Screamer or dual or good ol Dash Interupt on the next show....
  2. dual is the valve software of internet radio XD rfa 76 Holidays 2004
  4. yes it streamed....sounded all crunchy though
  5. Death t0 Runn3r dubya tee eff
  6. and to anyone there: We need Pics! post lots of pics! as soon as you can soldiers!
  7. oops
  8. upload ze show
  9. If you wanna know the real deal about the 3 well let me tell you we're triple trouble yall and ima bring you up to speed! From the B-boys Message board:
  10. yay its good to hear from dual again......almost as good as Rax XD any closing music is the bomb.....the whole cd is uber dope! ! Live band +rap=good
  11. The best part....Stank's Cubs hat!!!!
  12. 2 days before my birfdate um just for the record
  13. im down for ut2k4 and cs aint played out /me cries
  14. dude im gonna give a speech about the same thing atleast thats the may change though as an attention getter i was gonna use the mp3 of stank reading the hacker manifesto
  15. Officer Interupt? is he like Dash 5-0 now? i miss hackermind /me cries