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  1. The box revaler (reveals the ***** passwords) has come in use so many times.
  2. Google Security 650-623-5555 Physical, grounds security.
  3. Ameritech Paper Weight Ameritech/Bell Yellow Pages Tie Ameritech "Own your share of America" playing cards
  4. Well, ponyboy, if you havent opened it yet, try clamping it in something and putting all your weight on a socket wrench(it looks like one can be used in the picture) if not, a screwdriver and a pair of vice-grips should do the trick. I once came across something similar and a had to use quite a bit of force to remove the screws. I determined they were tightened so well was to keep the insides dry, as was in my case.
  5. Would it be leal to make and sell boxes on ebay? not sure if you want to though.
  6. http://www.4q.cc/vin/ No, I do not have a Vin Diesel fetish, and no I will never have one. Refresh this page, I have yet to run into a double.
  7. it pays to weigh as much as the manhole covers. YEars of football and wrestling also help minimize the effort required.
  8. I have ran across a few manhole in my area, a couple rather, that are locked down with a couple of bolts, otherwise, these are off to the side of about a 1000+ yard straight shot, ive counted around 20 manholes, might be a few more now that the snow has melted, I drew a picture for blakeops once on how i remove manholes, let me see if i can find it.
  9. Oh did I fall for this one, I didnt even realize that it was April 1st. *smacks head* pilcheck: Blakeops whats going on my life is over! BlakeOPS: I can't tell you, you understand. pilcheck: fine. BlakeOPS: But i'm sure you can guess. Pilcheck: Majestic.....
  10. I found a similar numbe a while ago also: http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11131
  11. Strom, that is by far one of the coolest things I have seen in quite some time, i think im going to move to 12345.
  12. thats great! you think they put in it there on purpose, or Defonic slipped it in there after gaining access to the site? and no, I dont know who defonic is
  13. My buddies gaming center (http://www.theultimatelanexperience.com) have en recieving prank calls (we figured out who was doing it) but i tried *69 (CID doesnt come till next week) and the number was blocked, i then tried *57 and that did nothing, i assumed because *67 was unable to give me the number.
  14. Being a recent listener, I have chosen a null vote, becacuase I didnt start listening until Black Ratchet started co-hosting (I'm still trying to catch up on RFA), and frankly, I dont know enough to make an educated decsion on this. I have come to associate your name, along with BinRev and the DDP members with quality, good natured humor, and a wealth of information. From what I have heard, you don't want to be known as the man who brought everyone together, or the one who has created a safe haven for the begginers, nor the man who perhaps, in my view, centralized the hacking community, but you did, Ias well as im sure everyone registered on this board, appreciate what yo have done greatly.
  15. My buddy and tried that splitter from radio shack the other day, works great!