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  1. I am looking for any hacks or such for my explorer 8000hd DVR box. They just rolled them out in the system I work in and was wondering if anyone knew of any hacks for it. I was issued one on a job but didnt use it cause the customer decided to go with reguler digital so I brought the box home to play with it for a few days before I turned it back in.
  2. Well I wont have to worry about that for awhile, we just had a box audit so the next one wont be for a few months, I have the star bit tool i need to open the box, and there arent any seals (that are noticable anyway) that will reveal that I opened the box. Any pointers or instructions or even a maintance or field manual would be great. Thanks
  3. That last pic is of an amplifier. These are usually located on the telephone poles near the tap and are also seen every few poles on long runs. This is to keep the signal at the proper measurement as it moves down the line.