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  1. I ordered the Senao on Ebay earlier today, but I suddenly realised "what if it doesn't support WPA/WPA2?". And it doesn't, it seems. I contacted the seller, but what more can I do? It's not much fun if it can only be used to inject on WEP protected WLANs.
  2. Ah, nice, room for more confusion. How do you tell what slot you've got?
  3. I use Borlands compiler, which can be found here: It's quite good for simple tasks and easy to use.
  4. Is there a difference between CardBus and PCMCIA? I actually thought they were the same since aircrack's guide doesn't have any PCMCIA. And what's HostAP?
  5. What I needed was of course this list: It has got everything you would need for buying a new WLAN card. Now the choice is but before me between a couple of models: Netgear WG511T 108mbps (Atheros) DWL-G650 (Prism 2.5) Or I could buy this: $50 is affordable I guess for playing around in the neighborhood.
  6. I've been looking around for the cards you're talking about, but almost every seller only ships to the states. :/ But doesn't any of the major firms like D-Link and Linksys make wlan cards that support monitor mode?
  7. I can't find any danish reseller who has anything from TP-Link I'm afraid. :/ But I was recommend this the Cisco CB21AG which should have an Atheros chipset? And that's available in Denmark, but it's ~$120, which is quite a bit for a WLAN card that's mostly going to be used for fun. What would I be gaining with the Cisco CB21AG contra a D-Link G-122?
  8. I've been searching for wifi cards for war driving, whether it's to run on Linux or Windows doesn't matter, 'cause I want to use both. I need one for my desktop which would be PCI, and I need one for my laptop, and I understand that's it not even worth looking at the USB ones? That to me is weird since it seems that Iroongeek has no problem with Linksys' G-122 in his Backtrack video. But perhaps it's signal strength is lousy? I would appreciate a top 5 or so, 'cause I'm living in a country who hasn't got all the cards for sale. :/
  9. Thank you for your detailed explanation. I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner, but I've been keeping 'cause I'm working my way through GRC's podcasts, and I didn't want to post if I had additional questions, and I actually haven't, you guys seemed to fill it out for now. But if you could help me in buying a cheap wifi card for packet injection and monitor mode I would highly appreciate it. USB would be optimal, but I can live with PCMCIA. I've been looking for Senoa and Orinoco, but none of them are for sale in Denmark. :/
  10. I've been searching around the forum for advice on purchasing a new WLAN card for wardriving, and it seems to me that it's widely suggested that you use a Orinoco Classic Gold or a Senoa card, but none of these are to be found in Denmark, so what I need is an alternative. Is there anything else I could be looking for with the same quality, price and feature, or will I need to go abroad and buy one of the two cards?
  11. I've been thinking about the proxy setting that's in some of the bittorrent clients. Are they only usuable if you're behind a proxy at work for instance and you know the auth, or could you somehow use it to fake the IP you're connected to the torrent with, so lets say you're IP would have no way of knowing that it would be you using that torrent? Or that anyone connected to the torrent wouldn't know?
  12. About the hashes- itsn't it to be understood in the way that program or OS' like Windows stores the passwords as hashes in HEX, and then you compare them to plaintext in a wordlist when you use dictionary attacks? So instead of having a feature that would compare numbers to letters you would go to another method like brute force attack? I could be completely wrong, this is just what I understood from looking through Iroongeeks videos and reading the articles that I've found.
  13. I understand dictionary attacks to be a list of passwords in a txt file which the attacker compares to a hash from a target, right? But what if, lets say, you had a password that wasn't computer, but c0mpu53r, would the attacker still have an option that's not "lower case", "upper case", but "letters that would probably be numbers"? I see that Cain has "case perms", but isn't this a feature that's missing?
  14. I'm sorry, but could you elaborate the part of "static ARP setting"? I'm not sure how I would do that?
  15. So what you're saying is that there's no way for users to encrypt their passwords to forums and god knows what, if the site isn't running https?