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  1. mega brutal help there buddy. text files is just fu#king AMAZING. :absorb: :sponge: :sqare pants: Danke.
  2. ps. btw one, link to the girl in your avatar. She's omfghawt. isnt she.
  3. music: movies/tv shows/ anime: <-- edit by droops--> Please read the rules, rule #2 is kinda important.
  4. an answer to music / movies and tv show downloading. (listen to the song before purchace.) (arcived tv showes and movies, most in perfect quality) no downloading needed at all, thus, nothing illegal. enjoy!
  5. jabzor, thanks for the link. the opinions were useful. to all else who replyed, my apologies for making an assumption without doing forum research. im sure not all hackers preform illegal maneuvers. and i of course do understand that being a hacker, does not make you a criminal. ps. i am removing the .GIF from my signature becuase it seems to be alittle too much for some. wouldnt want to destroy the iris of someone looking at black and white all day. PSS> found a site that will eliminate illegal downloads of movies and tv shows alike. (mostly in perfect quality, check it out. its worth it.)
  6. Untraceable? Is that at all Possible? if so, Where to sign up? teeheehee
  7. IRC

    When I was a teen, I somehow stumbled on the way to access the chatroom located on Marilyn Manson's offical page. How did i do it? Also, if this is possible, which, I know it is because, I've somehow done it before; Is this applicable on any web-based chat. Such as Java Script chat clients? Thanks, One
  8. I tend to see alot of people bashing the idea of illegal file sharing (example, music/movies/tv shows/porn via azureus/limewire) although, dont the majority of hackers preform illegal maneuvers daily? Wheres the fine line? Thanks. Added note: please only post opinions with backed up explinations of why you feel this way. simply yes or no will not suffice.
  9. thanks all. i read an archived forum rekenaar linked for. big help. and thanks for the additional options g3x. ive been running avast and AVG, according to the link, its the most popular ones along with nod32, which, i wil try what is bit defender?
  10. im curious to see what everyones opinion of the best Antispyware / Antivirus software is.
  11. thank you ic0n! big helps!
  12. is a proxy program such as privoxy the same as an ecryption program. or is an ecryption program ment to jumble text and the like so that others with the program can read the program/texts? explaination is neccesary with me im afraid! nubie! thanks.
  13. ive installed privoxy and changed my http proxy to the set program proxy. seems to be working. alittle slower, but, nothing to bad. i also have tor now, but, im not really sure what to do with it other than run it. i havent gotten through all the user manual and, to a nubie, it seems a bit.......technical. all i know about it is that it redirects ip addys to make it appear your someone else on a webpage. is this a correct assumption? thanks for all the responces, keep em comin.