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  1. the library also has a shitload of old computer junk in the back. I swear to god I saw a Tandy and an Apple ][ back there. I nearly creamed myself.
  2. we JUST know each other? I thought we were best friends i've never seen the IT guys at our school. they probably play runescape.
  3. Basically we just get Ettercap and have it run in a background process on some of the library computers and check back at the end of the day and see if we picked anything up. For ultimate covert operations we could always get a junky laptop and stash it somewhere with a sniffer program running, that way we can avoid detection although the laptop could get stolen. Or, there's the social engineering option and you blow the IT guy at our school and get the passwords.
  4. Once school starts we could always plant the sniffer on one of the computers or stay in after school with a laptop and do some huntin' :morpheus:
  5. I can start a nuclear war by whistling into a phone.