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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Why are you asking me if hacking the school is Possibal?

  3. Hacking a high shcool main computer

    Is it posserbul to do?

  4. Did I?
  5. Anti-hacking/cracking tools are being up-graded but hacking/cracking tools are also being upgraded too... So hackers/crackers are going to stay awhile. :borg:
  6. i have cain and abel. im not on the mail servers network. but ill try setting up a sniffer. im running windows xp but im thinking of moving my operations to my laptop that runs ubuntu. Hey guys what is a sniffer? is that a program that look for bits of data for you?
  7. I am here to learn becuse i am a NOOB.
  8. Is it posserbul to do?
  9. Boxes Are Scary
  10. Yes
  11. Hello I Am new to this Hacking Stuff can you give me some tips please?

  12. Virus that shows pics on the desktop
  13. Is this with notePad?