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  1. Check out <---good guide to build a still Also the book Alaskan bootleggers bible has lots of instructions on it. I found a copy at the local barnes and noble. be safe as this is very illegal in the US and alcohol vapors can catch fire/explode.
  2. Very true, when we are selecting candidates for interviews, it is nice to see certifications and gives you some preference over others. Especially if they are hands-on certifications (think RHCE). Of course that isn't a requirement, and during the technical part of the interview the truth quickly comes out regarding what is resume padding and what they actually know. I have recommended to hire a couple of people after interviewing them, neither of them had any certifications, but they knew their shit, and could apply it to real situations.
  3. Just a guess, but how about ............................................................................? Maybe? haha
  4. Any particular field you are looking to get certified in? By that I mean OS certifications, databases, security, networking, etc...
  5. There are lots of things that can be done and I am sure people will list lots here. Just a few easy ones to start. Run chkconfig --list | grep on See what services you have running and turn off ones that you don't need. For example if you are don't need ftp don't run the service. Named etc.. Change ssh daemon to run on a different port than the standard port 22. look into iptables, I personally can't write rules for a dam, but google will pull up plenty of resources. There are some applications that help with this too. Backup key data, if you think your system got compromised you can wipe it clean and restore music, pics, etc....
  6. I was at one point Red Hat certified, it has since expired. Any certification is a plus, Red Hat certifications even more so in my opinion because they are actual hands on exams. You can't just memorize a bunch of stuff and regurgitate it and be certified. With that being said, at my current job when we interview someone, the certification on the resume helps somewhat to get you in the door. However, in the interview processes a couple of team members will go into the interview and basically give the candidate a "technical quiz." This usually weeds out the B.S. on the resume from what they really know.