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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anybody could recommend scripts that are out there for making static webpages. I know it is old school, but it is simple, a snap to backup (via ftp), and you can edit your pages offline and upload later. I would like to find a script that converts text files to html files automatically, as well as some way of automatically converting key words to hyperlinks automatically. I would also like to find something that can take a directory of files, such as mp3's, and make a generic html index to the files in a directory. Any reccomendations? yours, --- Deepgeek
  2. Hey, (regarding upcoming HPR ep) As far as newsgroups coming under a RIAA style attack, I doubt it. I do think it too complex for the common user, like the way a windows-only type melts like the wicked witch of the west upon seeing a command line prompt. Besides, can our 1000-1500 listners at HPR really start a napster-like wave? I have two ISP's these days, Verizon's server is great, but limits the groups they carry, then they change retention times for different groups based on volume. My second ISP has twice the groups, great retention, but a limited number of connections allowed for their user base. I'm fooling around with some success by hand hacking my personal newsrc files to route some groups here, some there. it works pretty good. --- Deepgeek
  3. oooh, KuiperBeltObject is going to hate me. I am working on a HPR about binary downloading off of newsgroups. [donning fire-proof jumpsuit now] --- Deepgeek
  4. I like mped, AKA "Minimal Profit Editor". runs with or without xwindows, real simple, but less simple than nano, it does have a few features I like, (spell check in a highlighting mode, paste from other gui apps.) Also highlighting for HTML, Python (and other) file types. You can also set default fonts and stuff in an easy to use rc file. I'm afraid I am not an emacs or vi fan, they are just too hairy for my tastes. As matter of fact, emacs being one of the two editors I could find for lisp made me put my lisp learning aside. Looking at python now, maybe scheme later if drscheme is good. You gotta have an environment you like to code in, ya know. --- Deepgeek
  5. Well, your timing is interesting in starting this thread, as I just discovered using nzb files to leech binaries off of newsgroups with. To make what could be a long paragraph short, let's say that I decided to begin posting binrev, hpr, twatech, rfa mp3's out there. I made an announcemet to alt.hackers as well as alt.2600 and comp.hackers and alt.cyberpunk (hey, an old favorite.) Alt.hackers will not have any spam, I found out that it is marked as a moderated newsgroup, and the moderator has abandoned it. So if you read that group, you will only see posts by people like me. Don't confuse alt.hackers with the unmoderated alt.hacker though. BTW, alt.hackers.malicious looks like a bunch of crossposts to alt.2600. Well, just my two cents, --- Deepgeek
  6. hrmm, there is a comp.hackers.... --- deepgeek
  7. I'm trying to get back into it. Spam is still quite a problem out there though. So is attitude. I noted that the most active "hacker" group on newsgroups seems to be "alt.hackers.malicious." Why not just "Alt.hackers." I dunno. Some groups won't die, though. alt.smokers.pipes (TOBACCO PIPES!) is still the same. talk.bizzarre is good for wierd haikus. Any good hacks for usenet? You can sometime's catch a spammer on alt.test before he unleashes his crap to the usenet at large, sometimes they have not yet turned off their real email address. --- Deepgeek
  8. (about flat files) I heard that too but I think it is an untrue legend, because I later read that windows just reads that file into memory and keeps it there. I wonder if Linux does the same thing? It might be worth the research. But the really big files were caused by people using hosts to stop their computer from communicating with marketing sites. I really mean, like, if you check your mail frequently, to have your mail server in there. I thought of something overnight, you know this community means something to me, perhaps setting your resolv.conf to just point to, that should get the whole family of sites hosted by DDP to be really fast, what do you think?! --- Deepgeek
  9. Excellent, I will have to try that. I am also curious about pdnsd too. Maybe I try both in my "experimental" system. Does anybody edit the hosts file anymore? I would think it would be even faster than running a daemon. Or is this way too "old school?" --- Deepgeek
  10. Hey, I just had to switch DNS servers over "issues," What can I say but, my ISP sucks. Anyway, I am wondering if anybody has had experience with DNS caching utilities and hosts file editors, especially on Debian Linux (but others OK too.) Looking to speed things up a little more. yours, --- Deepgeek
  11. Hi, Recently had Verizon's DNS server just stop resolving one of my two domains, namely As a quick fix, I had to put my domain into my /etc/hosts file. So I call verizon and they actually ask me to pay for premium tech support just so I can tell them their DNS is not working. Can you believe these assholes?! So I have a few DNS questions. 1) Can I just use my webhost's DNS server? or is it not designed for general use. 2) Is there a "DNS server of choice" for the binrev community? 3) Does anybody have experience with A non-hacker friend reccomends them but there is this stuff on their site about their big feature being that they don't resolve sites they believe to be phishing sites. I would prefer something along the lines of "uncensored DNS." 4) (I'm a Debian Linux guy) how much improvement could I realize if I run some kind of DNS cacheing program? If you guys have any insight, I would appreciate hearing it. Thanks, --- Deepgeek
  12. Not looking to step on the toes of the NYC 2600, but how about N. Westchester and Putnum having a binrev meeting? Also, a midweek would be a big plus for me personally but I am open to ideas. --- Deepgeek
  13. I'd like to know, given a manufacturer/model, if you could get some kind of tech's manual and find out what kind of codes you could punch into a phone to make it do things differently. I use prepaid tracfone, BTW, so i don't know to what extent motorola makes a model specifically for a providor. I don't know if I am asking right, so pretty much, do they make phones specifically for prepaid companies, or is some function just activated. I hear you can activate a better codec so your voice sounds better, I wonder what else can be done. --- Deepgeek
  14. I can't stop thinking about that number, 20 GB. There was an article in the back of the current 2600 about using the DD command to swap many compressed operating systems in and out of a 10 GB partition. Looks like you may want to try this. You could install solaris, copy it to a zip file, install freebsd, copy it to a zip file, and uncompress and reverse the process to switch back and forth. Let's see, 2600 V 24 # 4 p. 58, "booting many compressed environments on a laptop." Maybe you want to do something like that? --- Deepgeek
  15. AAAHHHH! You gotta give me a link on how to do those modifications!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- Deepgeek