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  1. Oh? Maybe I'll check it out. I don't have the international long distance plan I used to anymore, though. Still, I'll check it out. So what is the *point* of the 203 exchange? Is 203 area specific or is it everywhere in the us?
  2. Whoever designed this firefox extension needs a punch in the face. Up next: Iphone apps.
  3. Is your power of terrible quality? I mean, is your power really flaky, on and off and cuts out a lot? Your power might not be consistant enough for your computer to be happy. What are the specs on the circuit connected to your machine. it sounds very unlikely that this is a "hacker" doing this. More likely it is a simpler explanation. Like either you aren't telling the complete truth, or you don't understand what you are seeing. Check your power condition. Also check your power supply condition.
  4. First you need to get a big peice of paper. Then you should lay the hacker down on it. Get a writing utensil and follow the outline of the hacker on the paper. Try not to move the hacker while you are tracing. When you have gone all the way around the perimeter, get the hacker to stand up. You should have the outline left behind on the paper. You have now traced a hacker.
  5. Andrew my main man! Good to hear from you again! TP, what state are you in again?
  6. Hello. I have a blog (website) regarding phones in my local area. I was was wondering if anyone else has something similar. I would be very interested to see what other members websites are. If you have a personal phone website or blog, would you please post a link to it in this thread. I am actually quite interested in reading what other osp forum people are doing. Thanks. http://tim.omghax.ca/
  7. Money plays you are like 6 sexonds from getting banned. I don't feel too bad posting useless crap in a useless thread! die!
  8. what the heck? people are still interested in becoming "phone phreaks?" amazing! fraud on the telephone system! that's leet. if you care, reply here about the status of your search, please. i'm interested to talk to you, if youre interested.
  9. You'll be pretty lucky if you can find an international conference that's still being used. I mean by phone phreaks. Learn to read arabic and search for conferences there. If you already can read and speak arabic you might be able to find someone phone phreaks on a conference. But yeah. not likely. If you're just down for listening in on some kind of business conference, well, if that's your thing then you might be able to find some somewhere. But not phone phreaks. Don't even bother looking unless you're super lucky or already have hook ups. Phone phreaks internationall are dying out hardcore. But maybe try Australia. They seem to have a somewhat big PP community. But they generally don't like non-australians on their conference calls. Found that out from being booted from many, haha. Anyways if anyone does find a rad international conf that's populated by rad (or even semi-rad) phone phreaks, PM me, I'd be down.
  10. fears of teh fone.

  11. Forgot to comment but nice photoshop of Murdoc with the celery.

  12. if you can whistle. some of us have no skills in that department.
  13. It doesn't take a lot of electronics parts to convert a square wave to a sine wave. a couple of low pass filters. i dunno if the waveform would be close enough for the trunk equipment to respond though.
  14. for your extension just match .2920. 2920! that'll return everything containing 2920 and 2920 itself for matching in the caller id num you could do match 2920 occuring anywhere with: exten => s,1,GotoIf(${REGEX("(2920)" ${CALLERIDNUM})}?2:3) exten => s,2,NoOp(do something) should work. checks ${calleridnum} for the pattern "2920", and jumps to extension 2, otherwise jumps to extension 3. i dunno if this gives you an idea of what you might need to do. try being more specific with the problem. you haven't explained your situation very well.