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  1. Well... that's true that authorized service can remove passwords from non-stolen laptops, but: - you have to have a proof of purchase (which you don't have when buying "second hand" laptop via i.e. eBay), - you have to pay for this quite a lot of money (as I remember 100€, which in my country, is more than a minimal salary for a week of work), often more than 1/3 or even 1/2 of laptop's total worth, - many used laptops on eBay are after-leased laptops from some companies, often imported by the trader from different countries, they event don't know that there's a BIOS password, and there's no way to find the previous owner or give laptop back (the trader would say that it was you who put the password, and he won't accept return), - other problem is that you don't know that you have a HDD password protection in BIOS active until you try to put other disk to your laptop (an it will become locked) and then put it back to another computer, or until you won't try to put your's (locked) HDD into other laptop or PC, - the true thief alway have this kind of programs and doesn't need to ask for it, there even exist almost official unauthorized services, which offer removing passwords from laptops and HDDs, without any proofs of purchase, and for lower prices. As to "old"... both are called unlock6.exe, but have different release dates (1997 and 2003) so one is old and one is new, isn't it? Wrong ! And for everyone else,, search the thread there are links and file attachments for unlock6
  2. ur welcome ---- 1.1 huh LMAO Remove the battery huh Talk about some clueless posts- 1st off removing the battery doesnt work on all computers... second, theres also unlock7 8 and 9 all work for different computers...so thinking somethings "old" is clueless to.....all have there relevence for certain computers and since only a few out of 100s cannot follow the link for 1.0 and want to spam emails requesting somethings thats linked I'll pass posting any other versions I have.... manufacturers will unlock non-stolen pc's
  3. It pays to READ the docs before jumping into something.... you'd be amazed at the amount of people who emailed me because they couldnt even click the download links in there rush to get the program........they overlook simple links,,then whine in an email,,then claim the link worked,,then whine more in emails,,then claim they got it somewhere else,,,go figure........all because they cant click a link Let alone the ones who email asking how to .............. READ the instructions >>>>>>>> http://rapidshare.com/files/68277812/unlock6.zip.html its all over this thread,,,how do peeps miss it?
  4. http://rapidshare.com/files/68277812/unlock6.zip.html make sure u read instructions its not to hard to figure out how run it to generate a password STOP EMAILING ME MORONS, THE PROGRAMS LINKED A TON OF TIMES HERE FOR YOU TO GET IT
  5. http://rapidshare.com/files/68277812/unlock6.zip.html
  6. re-up only email me if links dead please ----------emailed removed-------------- Listen up people, the links in my sig work and so does the one in my profile under comments the rapidshare links so stop emailing me like some moron.....if you cant figure out how to click the links and download it....you sure in hell wont be able to figure out how to use it unlock6.zip unlock6.zip
  7. some of those ip's have to do with something with WebTrends or StatsMachine type tracking
  8. SEE THE FILE ATTACHEMENT its always worked and since a lot of you dont bother to download there and email me im removing my email unlock6.zip
  9. can i get copy of unlock6.exe plz