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  1. GoatX good proxy
  2. Interesting, Ive not actually been near one before but how is the message input onto the screen?
  3. lmfao
  4. Very good, Im using this a lot now
  5. Handy, thanks.
  6. All Known Pinouts Thought this would do more good in here than in Linkz Ive found this website v. usefull in the past... Peace Xaro
  7. Ok, so ive heard theres not much about UK Phreaking and various people have said that its dead. Well this isn't true, its still alive but theres lots of documents that are on the internet that just are not true. Anyways I want this to be a thread where UK Phreaks can come and see all links and stuff related to UK Phreaking. So, to get it started... Hack Hull P.S. Ive heard the Red Box dosent work here either... :blowfuse:
  8. correction: hostname >[printer location]
  9. Just tried it in Post Comment with a website hosting a .wav file and notihng. Suggestions?
  10. Just tried it with a .wv that does exist and, nothing. Suggestions?
  11. Hmm I like that, ill have to experiment with injecting different things into people I dont like, mmm, html redirect... Heres a list of all the palces it works in myspace: 1. Post Comments 2. Post Bulletin 3. Post Comment Picture/Image Thats all so far. Will update later