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  1. sure the vmware server is free for personal use...just download and install it and creat a virtual machine with the *.iso of the OS you want to use and thats it
  2. Ubuntu i think is great for Desktiop pc's. the developers of this distri had the idea to creat a OS which is on a pair with windows (in attention of being easy to use...not in being unstable )it's very easy to use, you get *buntu optimized for nearly every application, ubuntu with GNOME and Kubuntu with KDE these both are the easyest to use and the best for linux beginners, near to the other linux distris like SUSE. You got Xubuntu for older, slower pc's and Edubuntu is the OS for scientists and artists like you can use it for music production etc...but all in all every programm running on one of these *buntus is running on the other *buntus as well...ust try all of them (VMware, live cd) to find your favorit... and because of being debian based, you've got a large software pool you can use. you've got programms like apt or synaptic where you can easaly look up a tool you searching for and these programms will download it for you (from the debian servers) install it and make it run without any stress i think a small handycap of ubuntu and kubuntu is, that you'll need a more or less powerfull machine to make them run stable...i've got a INTEL 4 with 3.06Ghz, 2GB RAM, and a Nvidia GeForce 7600GT and everything works great especially the new ubuntu release (Feisty Fawn) is very performance-linked (please excuse my bad english...but you don't learn to explain an OS in school )
  3. take a ftp hosting service, up the best p0rns to that server, write a script wich runs in the back and sercretly downloads the p0rns from that ftp server...but you'll have to cut these p0rns into a lot of little parts, so that you won't lost data if the users shuts down the pc, the script has to remember which part it downoaded the last start and has to download the next...that's all...then you need a possibility to put these parts together to one and that's it
  4. let me ask another question....tell me the reason, why do you want to infect other perobles pcs, destroy there works...there personal life they put into these this really that cool? is it that cool to hurt other peoble just for fun, i think this is not an act of strength, and, what then, if it's a real virus, it will infect other pcs, you won't controll it anymore, and it won't take long until you get fucked of by the police ore somone else...don't handle with things you can't controll... i'm not against informing 'bout things like that, i'm not against having fun, but you don't understandt what you're doing...i just want to give you an thought-provoking impulse... better put your effort in something reasonable
  5. you can burn it using NERO for example, star nero and click "open" a little button in the bottom and than choose the iso file..burn it, then enter the cd to your cd-device and rebott and it should boot into linux. if it doesn't thenn start the BIOS settings by pressing del while booting and change the boot order, so that the option booting from cd-device comes before booting from hard drive...but actual that should be the standard settings....
  6. wow often says that your behind a firewall let my say...everytime still if you absolutely got no firewall. it's just that slow because the downloadserver are so bad so try to download wow otherways, like p2p or from a website, or you can borrow you the cd from a friend for example...
  7. DoS

    sourced that i know are called "stacheldraht" and "trinity" use google...
  8. not bad men....
  9. DoS

    but, whatever you do, you won't "dos" an server your own. to dos an server you need a lot (and i mean a lot) of attacking pc to produce enough traffic to shut this server down. the most dos-attacks today are made by botnets. that means that a worm infects a lot of pcs, and this worm can be controlled by a host pc. and if the attacker has got anough pcs under controll he gives a commando to all the worms on his victims pcs (that can be more than thousand) (the attackers often use IRC to controll the worms on the victims pcs) and they all start an dos-routine at the same time to kill the server. and the infected victim pcs have absolutly no idea that they're killing a server at the moment so all you need is 1. a worm wich you can controll by IRC 2.about 1000 infected pcs 3.a good solicitor
  10. searching exploits?! best friends you've got:
  11. try it, what more can they say than "no"...?!
  12. first you can check on open ports and running applications. then you can think of how to use these information. for example you see an open RDP port on an pc wich is in the network you are. then you can sniff this port (for example) and if somebody loggs in using RDP you get the login-data. you only got one big prob. this data are encrypted or you see an open ftp port then you can think of an possibility to use this port for anything...understand what i mean? greets Singh
  13. debian based distris...because of the big pool of easy to install and modify software... i'm actually using ubuntu
  14. yea you can and on the top of this nice popup will stand your computers name