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  1. You don't even pay for your internet. You are 10 year old kid. So no you don't pay for your internet. Stick to runescape kiddo.

  2. cr250, you are the most pathetic person I have ever seen on the internet. And that's saying a lot.

  3. I think he left....w00t!!

  4. Do us a favor and get the fuck off this site

  5. fucking chavscum.

  6. I want you as my pet.

  7. im no PIKEY i have a house you geek all you have is your SCRUFFY bedroom

  8. i dont need respect i needed help not to be told i dont know anything and dont listen as i said im NO geek so how would i know all the geeky stuff?
  9. Woah Woah, What's with the personal attacks "pal".. That wasn't necessary.. Nobody "FLAMED" you.. I myself, am a "geek" - I'll probably be one until the day they pry the laptop from my cold dead hands.. But at least I'm going to live my life with a nice home, a family.. kids.. and money in the bank... I'm sure you'll continue asking "Do you want fries with that?".. Have a nice life friend, You probably won't be respected here after your recent actions... why would i work when USE work for ur stuff and i take off use and i do wait for the torrents to download and i waited 48 hours and done just over 200mb
  10. lets just say im a CHAV and USE ARE GEEKS thats how i know nothing and use know it ALL because im a burglar and your a GEEK dont FLAME me bacause YOUS get BULLIED in school use GEEKS
  11. Agreed, This OP is acting suspiciously protective... I know a liar when I see one.. I'm normally using OpenBSD, So the torrent client I use is called BTPD - Brilliant client.. low memory footprint.. http://www.murmeldjur.se/btpd/ (Higher ratios don't increase speeds, The protocol is only limited by the bandwidth available.. perhaps you should consider being honest and wait for a faster seed/peer to appear?.. ) EDIT: You'll notice I edit practically 99% of my posts, That is simply me correcting my illiteracy.. nothing more.. how am i lying and theres 13seeds n 16peers n im only getting 3,6kbps
  12. yeah but i want 1 to boost the ratio to allow me to download faster the fake upload DOES NOT BOOST RATIO ATALL