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  1. ok ill check those out. i normally never use wireless. but i moved into this house about a year ago and thats all they had. he lives upstairs, im downstairs, and we didnt want ethernet cables g0oing everywhere..... so is there anything personally wrong with my computer except the wireless needing to be encrypted? i ran AVG and no virus's, ran adaware nothing our of the ordinary, just somehow he picked up my password?
  2. My password was rather weak and old. It was the first password I basically ever created about 6 years ago and I used it for everything. I wisend up and changed my password on everything that I had used that for to strong passwords, but I guess I forgot myspace. THe last time I logged onto my myspace from a public computer was over 4 months ago. So if it happened then, why didnt it happen then? Plus I do use wireless internet here. I dont think its secure because its my landlords and he wont let me find out or even touch the modem. As far as access to my physical computer, no. My roommate does not enter my room and no one else is here when him or I are gone. When I am gone and he is here, he knows to not let anyone into my room under penalty of not paying rent. On a side note. My roommate and I started an animal rights group and we did a myspace page, and we were slowly building a website. All of which got deleted and our server shutdown to the website 2 weeks ago. We were actually selling our shirts and a lot of people were down with us. Im not saying it was the government, but it was to coincedental, we have been watched before, but enver attacked like this. I wanted to think this was them, but they said stuff like "I LIKE YOUR BOOBS" or "I HATE YOU LITTLE BITCH". Horrible english and caps. So I dont know. Can you point me to a direction to see if i can secure my wireless and to show my landlord how to?
  3. of course. my old one was rather old, i hadnt changed that password since i was on myspace. i know i didnt tell anyone though. and it was rather short. i changed it to a +13 letter and muber random password. i just found out on more friend the guy messaged. and it is centralized to last night around 815pm
  4. OK. Im a myspace nerd. Lets get that out of the way first. If you dont know what that is go here www.myspace.com. ANyways, last night, while i was online talking to a friend on myspace, someone else got on my account and sent comments and messages to a few of my friends. it seemed to be only located to the time i was online last night. that means my password was stolen. i told NO ONE my password to any of the sites i visit. so how could of this happened? Can a key logger be downloaded onto my computer without me physically being there or knowing about it? is there anyway to track the source? this is annoying.
  5. I was reading up on ISP's and how many computers log you ISP and IP before even veiwing a website, and the website said if you dont want them to see this, just go here . So do software like the-cloak and others work for sure? or are there ways the can still log what you do on the net.
  6. Yeah, later on in the show they said they had "secret" police technology where they found out what make, model, and serial number it was. But it took them like 3 days to get that. The even got the phone number, but the whole phone thing didnt even help the cops catch him, it was something else. It was just interesting cause I never heard of it before. You gave me a over simplified anser, do you have a website link or can explain a bit more technical? I mean, I understand, but I just like to understand completely lol.
  7. Alright, I was watching A&E First 48. Its about how when killers kill the cops have about 48 hours to catch them or their percentage to catch them are cut in half. This serial killer called from a cell phone, yet they said they couldnt trace it. Here is why: They said that he is using a deactivated cell phone, but as long as you can power it on, you can dial 911 as long as your not out of range from where your trying to call. Can anyone explain this to me and why they cant trace this?
  8. thanks that is rather helpful, didnt think of the non-multi platform biz.
  9. And i had such a good idea for it. May I ask why resist flash for an opening page? The only thing I thought of would be having regular visitors getting tired of it, but then I would just have a link underneath it to skip the flash. i dunno, whats your reasons?
  10. I havent posted in a bit(school, failing school, girlfriend) anyways Im thinking about making a website for an activist group im part of and am wondering different tools for free or cheap, if there are none of these the best ones out there. this is what im looking for. A good Flash creator. I have Anim-FX 2.5 downloaded, is this any good(havent used it yet) or is there one better. something that can create a graphic like on this webpage. The top right with the perosn waving a black flag, there website name and some pictures, see it? and i do know basic html, but thats all, just basic. where is the best place to find/learn more extreme html? thanks
  11. I was thinking about ordering the issues online but I am wondering the security of giving my information(credit and general) through paypal and/or these sites. Due to paranoia(irl revolutionary and general dissenter) and my phones being tapped at the last place I lived, I would like to know if I should order these online or can i use a pre-paid credit card? Should I be safe from prying minds(Patriot Act still ruins everything though...)? Can anyone give me tips on this little problem I have. I dont have a phone anymore at my house so no more tapping(at least the phone, my house may be bugged, doubt it right now though.) But i want some back issues. I also want to buy a laptop and was looking at doing something like this. Do any of your have suggestions? I have a decent "for everyday things" desktop but for mobility, school, and general fun a laptop has been on my mind. I also want one that I wont have to upgrade the hardware for a bit. My budget is anywhere 1700 or below. Thanks.
  12. win2k... i did find a good one though. so no need for the help, thanks though
  13. Wow it kinda helps if I dont run to you guys for help and instead just search it for myself. I guess I need to compiler to turn the code into an executable? Which one would be best.
  14. I feel like an idiot(haha im flaming myself) :pissed: Ive gone to some to the C websites you guys gave me. And I know this is newbish, but hey I am a newbie, there is this tutorial im looking at that tells you have to run a simple program: #include <stdio.h> main() { printf("This is a C program\n"); } it tells you what everything is etc etc.... now how do i run it? i mean, i know if you create a .bat file and do some dos commands you can run stuff. but is there a C++ software package Im not aware of? Does it only work on Linux and should I get Linux?
  15. Anyone have a link to a good free data burner? Also, Im making this topic to break post number 10. Heh.