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  1. When you install Windows, it will write itself to the Master Boot Record (MBR) and will delete anything in it's path. That doesn't mean it will delete your partitions, it will just delete the mbr record. Whereas when you install a linux based bootloader such as Grub or Lilo, it will create a menu for you to choose which OS to load. My advice would be to load up a livecd of some sort, Ubuntu or whatever, then just use fdisk(or cfdisk) to create your partitions. Then you can go ahead and install linux or windows. however, if you do windows last, you'll have to boot up your linux livecd again, and fix the mbr. If your using grub, you'll have to read the manpage, cause it defines partitions a little differently from fdisk. Your partitions will still be there though, regardless of which app you use to create em. Hope this helps, I'm not very good at answering questions.
  2. I started with PASCAL back in the days But nowadays I'd recommend Java. It's fairly self-intuitive and en excellent lead-in to C. It also cuts away the phear of pointers if you plunge straight into a C/C++ variant. Good luck with your coding.
  3. Followed a link from Irongeek's site.
  4. Hi all, There I was trickin' out my zaurus, reading a howto on irongeek's site, when I catch this ad for "IG's favourite forum". Thinking I'll take a look(although I don't really get into forums because of all the self indulgent twats you come across), I happen to stumble across what very well could be the coolest forum ever! So thanks you guys, the binrev community, for a cool place that openly exchanges info, and cheers IG for having a link Cheers all