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  1. I have a 120Gb Seagate harddisk which is blowing me the hell out because it is doing the strangest thing.My place has been having black outs but i used the precautions necessary to ensure that i don't get a surge or anything electrical malfunctions. My system was scanning the system for any errors when it just hunged for over 20 minutes when using check disk. I reboot the system and i find out that it cannot boot because the system disk is missing. On further scanning i find out the partition table is corrupt and i cannot access the hard disk due to an input output error in other words it can see the hard disk volume but it can't access, read or write to it. What could be the problem and how can it be solve????
  2. i am a third year computer science student who is having difficulty on what to do in my final year project coz i am not fluent in the languages that i am using yet. here are my options: 1)fully enhanced media player for both video,audio and flash 2)remote system repair utilty 3)website forum fully with database 4)cyber market for central business district 5)internet browser out of all these where can i get the technical information on how thay can be created and which sites or ebooks should i look for.
  3. I haven't formatted the linux partiton but i will try the links and i will let u know
  4. The fan does spin when power is on but post does not beep. I even went to their website but still i could not find a motherboard manual. The beeps that i hear indicate a hardware problem and the colour codes suggetst a IDE problem but both the memory the harddrive the DVD writer and floppy all work fine. I even disasemmbled piece by piece then placed them back then nothing.
  5. My windows xp got corrupt and i had to install it back so when i go back to linux it's gone
  6. Yes i removed the battery and i tried with a different power source but still nothing. I even tried replacing the processors but still nothing. It does not have a reset jumper and they dont give the motherboard manual. How streesfull can this get?
  7. Well actually i gave it to a friend of mine who used hard drive utilities to at least format it e.g Active kill disk thats where he saw the password
  8. I have this problem where by when i install Windows and linux i have the LILO for the boot loader. When i have a problem with the registry of windows and i fix it i find that i cannot see linux but windows systems only. Is there a way i can fix this
  9. I have a 120Gb Western digital hard which gave me a suprise which i never expected. I was using the computer as usual when i suddenly restarted without warning. It went throught the processes as usual then it wont go to windows. I thought it was a BIOS problem so i checked the hard disk is detected. Upon further analysis i found that the hard disk had locked itself and was asking me for a password. I didn't know that Hard disk had locking mechanisms and i didn't have the password anyways so i was locked by the system. I tried different software to unlock it but it didn't budge. Is there a way to unock it?
  10. A friend of mine has two intel motherboards of a Dell Precison 470 which is acting up. There was a malfunction which he doeasn't know what he did but when he tried to turn on the computer it wont turn on. We thought it was the memory since POST was not responding so we changed the motherboard but nothing happened. We dismanted the IDE's but still nothing is happening. We tried the memory on a working computer and it worked fine so did the other components except of the processor but we checked and found no damage and the heat sink and the fan works okey. What could the problem and how can it be fixed
  11. I have 4 flash disks; one Sony 2Gb ,2 128Mb(dont remember the makes) and one Sahara 512Mb. My problem with the 2Gb and the 2 128Mbs is that their space cannot be detected though they are seen by the operating system. It keeps saying that to insert a drive. when i go to properties of the drive and i populate it says it has 0Mb. With the 512Mb it gets copies the files okey but when i go another computer, the files are either corrupted or the flash disk says that it is protected and i should remove it. Is there a way i can fix this.